Who Do You Really Want To Be?

Who do you want to be was a common question as we were growing up? Just like Mom or Dad? A Favorite Uncle? A famous sport figure? As we define ourselves and desire to be better and have more, who do we want to be? Careful, let’s use pieces, but let’s keep what makes us unique.

In this day and age of celebrity and athlete adoration, we must step back and say, “who do I want to be?” I know, we are all grown up and should be who we are by now, but wait a minute.

Free yourself from limiting thinking! Who can you be like?

I talk to people all day long and I realize we are ALL wanting to modify this, be better at that, be funnier, smarter, wealthier, more giving, kinder, and the list goes on. It is human to aspire to MORE. I have written about breaking the chains that bind you, last year as I heard the story of the Elephant Billie, in the wonderful story of survival from author Carol Bradley in “Last Chain on Billie”.

I was able to relate to Billie, because she was so attached to her limitations. She refused to have the chain cut off her, the chain that defined her. But, eventually, five years and lots of re-training of her habits, the wonderful caretakers at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee were able to free her of her chain. I want to be a bit like Billie. I have freed myself from limited thinking and I am inspired to do so each day.

Be FOR things. Not against things. Who can you be like?

There are people who help us be more than we are today by offering a piece of themselves. I was inspired by Mother Theresa as a young woman. As a matter of fact, she taught me lessons of standing up for something, never being against anything (it is the wrong energy) and to have an aspiration to be more than a human being going through the paces. I want to give and help people. I wanted to still have my life but to this day her memory still inspires me. There is a piece of her in me and I want to stand FOR things, not fight against things. I want to solve issues by higher means and taking the highest path toward human evolution and souls and spirits being raised. I am a bit like Mother Theresa.

Know who you are, and be LIKE YOU!

What is your true essence? Does it serve you? As I was approaching this work and reflecting on the ways I have helped people, as a nurse, as a cancer survivor, as a boss, sister and mother. I found my true essence when I was a child. I spent a few summers as a young girl teaching neighborhood kids to ride bicycles without training wheels. I enjoyed it so much one parent gave me a dime for my efforts, I was on cloud nine! I still get the best enjoyment from helping lift people to their greatness. I want to do more of that! So, I want to be more like me!

Where can you grow that piece inside you that makes you more YOU? DOWNLOAD this week’s IDEASheet to help you find out! That’s where true Freedom is for you. BE MORE YOU.