Why You Should Interview NOW!

Are you wondering what your worth really is at work? Has your career stalled? Feeling typecast and taken for granted at work? Have you had a chance to get in the great energy of your super powers?

Most of us have been shut down, covered up, feel fraudulent with talking about who we are and it is causing way too much pain. You are your only advocate. Get out there and talk about how great you are.  Your number one loyalty is to yourself, freedom seeker. Your number one job is YOU. Remember,  put your oxygen mask on first. You are no good to anyone while you are gasping for air (learn more about this in my 11 Lessons)

To that I say, start the campaign of feeling your big KICK ASS self! You need to get out there and start talking about yourself.

It’s time to Interview NOW.

Going on a job interview can really increase your sense of worth and a better understanding of the job market for your skills. In my 5 Shifts to Your Kick Ass Career I talk passionately about shift #2- Have Confidence in Your Worth! I am talking about a deep inner sense of who you are and what value you bring to the place that pays you. Specifically, what do you do and are you being paid your worth and are you being recognized for your worth.

How indeed can we have confidence in our WORTH when all the meetings and interactions at our job are about what is NOT WORKING? That’s business, that is not how people work. We work best when we focus on what IS working and then solve problems (More on that on a future article). That’s why you need to get out there and get a job interview.

You need to have time when someone is really interested in who you are and what value you can bring to their organization. When we have time to bask in our brilliance, soak in our accomplishments, be seen as a real contributor, then our energy opens up.  We feel our value from the inside– let it shine!

You may say, “But, Mo, you always talk about feeling good no matter what happens in the external world!” 

Yes…and you must get the practice and experience of feeling good about yourself.  So use what is there. Use your value, your skills and your expertise to talk it up with a potential new employer.

Scared? Sure! Ready? YES!

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The reasons you must go out and interview are straightforward:

  1. You must get your resume up to date and prepare for your BIG MOVE (it may be internal, guilty loyalist :-))
  2. You must get practice talking about your worth and your accomplishments.
  3. You must practice answering questions where you are the spotlight, you are the hero of your own story. Your comfort with talking about yourself comes from knowing yourself deeply.

Tips on what to do in the interview.

  1. Have a list of detailed (with numbers and dates) accomplishments. Everyone has them. What job are you in? What value do you provide? If you answer a phone for a living, how many compliments on your service attitude do you get each day? If you run a $200 million dollar division what metrics did you meet? When you didn’t meet a metric how great were you at getting your team together and creating a plan? How many people did you promote in your division? 
  2. Speak from your heart. Know yourself inside. Create a list of 5-10 keywords and phrases about who you ARE and be that person in the interview. Speak about your accomplishments from those words and phrases. As a leader I often felt so proud of my team and how they shines, showed up and succeeded. I remembered that feeling and shared those passions in my last job interview. Impress with your passion. Show yourself. Show what you DID and show who you ARE!
  3. Come with questions to ask. Always have questions. Always connect with questions. Want to few that will impress?
  4. What would the employees in this division say is the biggest accomplishment they have done this year?
  5. What do your customers say about your products/ services/ accessibility?
  6. What are the opportunities for me to get involved in…..(name some of your favorites). These can be ways to demonstrate that you are a team player, engaged and interested in making the place better.

It’s time to know your worth and feel it inside. Talk about yourself and brag. It’s good to stretch out. You may or may not get the offer. The idea of this interview is to practice being the best parts of yourself.

You will bring back an appreciation of your current work, an enthusiasm that feels new and maybe, just maybe the offer comes and you take it. Perhaps this is a place for your next growth spurt!


Go get it, You Kick Ass, You!

To learn about yourself and prepare to bring your inner self visit my 30-Minute Mission Statement.

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