Why You Wait and What to DO About it.

The idea of a better life seems impossible to many.
So when someone says, “I have the answers,” it seems so far away.
Life being joyous and free seems to be fantasy when we are trapped with what we know to be “true”.
Ideas of life being difficult…Life being a struggle….Life being a lot of work permeate many of our ideas of what life IS.
Migraines. Therapists. Gossip. Blaming. Anger. Victimhood. All seem so normal and they simmer like a pot ready to boil over.
Bitching and moaning about life seem normal and accepted.
Jobs that underpay, bosses that bully (more on that next week) and co-workers who undermine us.
Toxic work environments seem like something that is normal and expected….just look at the news! No one is happy.
But…it costs soooo much to live this way.
It costs so much in happiness, freedom, joy and money.
I see it every day in my clients…. I see the opposite going on. I have the advantage of knowing it is so possible to change this negative-leaning life around.
I see it every day.
Migraines gone all year!
Therapists terminated. (Sorry, not sorry).
Raises received and promotions granted.
Unemployed for 11 months and now a new job!
Re-hired at a toxic employer with a new role and twice the money.
Lawyers, accountants, engineers, human resources, project managers, marketers, sales.
All professions can gain success and happiness by deciding that life can be different.
The true SECRET is below. But, what I hear so often..(arghhhhh)….
“But, Mo…it’s not a good time right now.”
Not a good time to have a better life? REALLY?

WHAT! WAIT for feeling better?

Time for my passion to burst forth!

Why would you want to keep doing the same thing, getting the same results?
Suffering and struggle are not meant to be a part of life.
I don’t care what you were told– life is meant to be fun, full of joy and the path for you to express your talents and contribution!

Here’s what to do about it:
1. Decide that you are worth it.  You need to first see that life can be and is meant for your happiness. You are worth it, your soul is wanting to be happy, declare it for yourself.
2. Say NO to struggle. Get off the struggle train and all people in your life who get you back on it. You must say NO to pain and agony.
3. Say YES to YOU. NOW.
But, how?
Create a vision of who you really want to be. NOW.
Look at what you are really talented at and focus on all that wonderful YOU.

Advice from the trenches…I see it all the time.
Women who say YES– they are scared. They are fearful it won’t work for them.

When you step through the fear. It will work for you. As long as you have a soul!
They are nervous about the investment and they have finally said to the Universe, “I am worth it. I claim it!”
So, when you claim your destiny…magic happens.
I see it everyday.
Jobs gained where unemployment persisted.
Underpaid professionals showing up differently at their current work- raises, promotions.
It starts with one BIG YES.

Saying yes now means a jump start on your life.
Saying yes now means you are decisive and ready.
You can’t get into your future wonderful with being in victim, hurt and struggle.
You have to step into the possibility and knowing there is more.
SECRET: The real energy of life is to listen to your inner being.
Your inner being wants to expand and grow and be happy.
Start listening to YOUR INNER BEING!
NOW! The true secret to your better life is YOU.
Don’t wait, precious soul.
The beauty of life is HERE.
You must tell the Universe that you are ready now and the miracles will begin to come into your life.
Let’s do this now…let’s start on your higher self and better life now.
Choose YOU.

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