The Real Reason Why You’re Burnt Out


I’m revealing the real reason your career is burning you to a crisp. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, overworked, and trying to be all things to all people, this is for you.
Signs of career burnout include: Lack of focus, Emotional and mental exhaustion, Feeling numb at your job, Chronic physical symptoms and a short fuse.
When I hit burnout as a cardiac nurse, I remember feeling myself switch to autopilot. I just had to make it to the next day, the next week, the next month — and keep surviving.
That’s actually what burnout is — being stuck in survival mode.
I’m sharing what I did — and what my clients have done — to move out of burnout and even how to avoid it when the telltale signs start creeping in. You truly don’t have to live this way.

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