Is the Pandemic Really Going to Affect Your Career?

With all the chaos going on, are you worried about your career and livelihood?

In this video, I share how you can still get ahead and make your career dreams come true. Even in the midst of global change!

Deep down, you may be scared that your financial and working life will never be the same again — even if you weren’t in love with your job to begin with.

This is the first time in human history that 7 billion people have cooperated. The news makes it look like we’re all at odds with each other. Don’t be fooled: there is more love, more inclusiveness, and more connection than ever.

This means there are also more opportunities than ever, for you to step into a life that makes your heart sing!

Will the pandemic affect your career?

As tempting as it may seem, this is not the time to cling tightly to what wasn’t working before the pandemic. For example, you may have wanted to make a career change before your life got disrupted, but after watching others get laid off and the economy crash, you decided to keep settling for less.

When we’re afraid, our decision-making process gets cloudy. We don’t have access to our inner resourcefulness and creativity. We say things like, “Maybe I should just stay the course and try to be grateful for my job the way it is, even though it’s not what I really want.”

When you’re free of fear, you access the problem-solving resources within. You’re able to make powerful decisions! Decisions that resonate with your soul and transform your life — no matter what’s happening on the planet.

You are in control of how the pandemic will affect your career.

Let’s bring you back into alignment with that fearless, creative power inside you. Let’s make your career miracles happen!


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