Will you cut off one more chain? What Chain is holding you back?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week.

This week we cover “F” for Freedom

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Freedom is a highly sought state. Expressing ourselves, thinking for ourselves and BEING ourselves is a cherished place to be. We desire greater expression, thinking and being at peace with our own self and others.

Freedom comes in many stages, however the environments we become familiar with tend to shape our feelings of Freedom. Our expectations of Freedom in any given moment are shaped by our past Freedom and our future ideas of Freedom.

We might ask ourselves, just how much Freedom do I need? How much Free thinking, expression, Free time and being do I really need? We ask these questions perhaps because we know the answers come up short. How much Freedom do I actually HAVE? And, if we don’t have as much Freedom as we think, then what?

Download the IDEASheet below to reflect on areas of your life that might be holding you back.

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I was inspired recently reading about the journey of a circus elephant named Billie. The Last Chain on Billie, is a heart wrenching story, author, Carol Bradley exposes the elephant’s life through her kidnapping out of Africa, to being bought, sold, leased and trained against her will to a life solely for the purpose of her owner making money and the superficial glee of humans, watching majestic animals do unfathomable tricks.

We relate so well to these wonderful creatures because they embody so many human traits. An elephant walks the earth with a grace and peace that we hope to attain. But, yet, many of them have endured hardship through brutal training, living conditions and separation from their families. In the wild elephants are extremely close with their families, live long lives and protect their own. They also mourn the loss of family members. The memory of an elephant is legendary, why? We find it fascinating that an animal can recall events, people and places.

Elephants can’t talk to us and express themselves, so we have to read them other ways. We read them through their expressions, their behaviors and their health. Billie, once rescued from her life of “enslavement”, was brought to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. This is a wide open place where many elephants live and spend their senior years renewed and Free to be elephants! The powerful story of Billie not wanting her ankle chain cut off after she was given Freedom, is a powerful reminder of just how comfortable we get with our condition(s).

Billie represents the attainment of Freedom after a life lived with so many restrictions and pain. She endured what was done to her because she could not make her own decisions. She was at the mercy of her handlers and owners. Billie was a true victim of circumstances that she was brought into by people who had power over her. The people with power wanted certain behaviors and work done for them. Billie had no choice for her Freedom and she went along as well as she could for over 45 years. It was the life she knew, the life she was forced into, yet when it came time to grant her ultimate Freedom, she resisted the final piece of release.

We all have a piece of Billie in us, in our life, where the chain holding us back represents a familiarity that we all too often have trouble fully releasing. If you need some help releasing what is holding you back then Download the IDEASheet below to reflect on areas of your life that might be holding you back so you are able to Live your MOST LIFE 🙂

Download the Idea Sheet

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