How are YOU wired??

Your brain was made by others, look at your wiring. It’s YOUR brain- get your brain wired the way YOU want!!

There is nothing more stimulating than using our brain in a new way. Our brains get wired with each task and each thought. We either wire a new pathway or we add wires to an existing pathway. When we were younger we laid new wires all the time, learning new skills, socializing, being “trained” in behaviors by parents, teachers and other adults in our life. We were the passive recipients of their values, mores and expectations. Did we have a choice? When we were very young, our brains just took it all in and learned. As we came into teenage years we fought, rebelled and sought our freedoms. But, we were still being influenced.

Most of what we know and do today is because of our childhood learning/wiring. Granted, science is still in debate about how much of our personalities, strengths and weaknesses come from nature versus nurture, but we know that we become like those we surround ourselves with.

As a young person, you were surrounded by adults in your life. If they were joyous, you learned joy, if they fought, you learned fighting. If they held their feelings in, you learned to stay quiet. Maybe you wanted more and sought a new way of thinking or being as you grew up. Maybe your personality wanted to express itself and you found the theatre in school or perhaps, art.

Your likes and dislikes are more than likely fashioned after your modeling behavior and what you received attention for as a child. We seek energy from others around us and when we do it is a powerful force to shape who we are. Habits are ingrained and personalities are developed through receiving attention, energy (or lack of it) for certain behaviors, when we get our emotions fed, we develop circuitry for that behavior. When we don’t receive the attention, we try harder to get it and eventually we will receive some sort of reaction to stimulate our brains to say, “yes, that’s what I was looking for.” This will wire us. As this is repeated, we become who we are.

The big question here is, is your brain wired in a way that serves your highest purpose and pushes you toward your higher self? Do you need to have some writing skills to succeed in your work and you were always told you were no good at writing?

Do not fall into the trap of limiting beliefs like, “that’s just who I am!” You can defend your limits all day long and stand up for them and shout from the mountain top. You will get more limiting beliefs, stronger positions on your shortcomings and a whole set of trouble because you are wired to limit yourself.

Check in with this week’s IDEASheet to open your mind. Open your mind to yourself and your thinking.

Once you establish your identity of how your brain works, you can identify ways you want your brain to work. Have fun with new wiring and new thoughts, go ahead, get after something new! You will be glad you did.