Write This and Claim Your Destiny

Do this and claim your destiny!

This week a wonderful client of mine reminded me of an exercise I gave her last year.

She was embarking on a great big journey.

She was expanding her idea of herself and…

Her work life and just how big she could be.

She began to see the miracles pop up in the path.

She sat next to a man who worked at one desired company.

Many more “synchronicities” occurred that she took note of in delight.

She began to feel it was all possible – more than possible.

She began to feel the fabric of the magical Universe unfolding in front of her very eyes!

You see, at first, we don’t believe it.

Then, your coach reminds you this is your intention.

You believe a bit more.

Then life happens and you are jolted back into the “real world” where stuff like this doesn’t really happen.

These wondrous events and happenings have been a part of my life for decades.

Now I get to share the miracles with others and watch their faces like the best present on their birthday….the pony arriving in the backyard after nights of wishing!

So, when the miracles begin to feel a bit weird and the knowingness gets wobbly we do a few things. Because, what we want, always, is to be aligned with our higher self and the feelings of joy in life as much as possible! Like every minute! We need to get to a place in life where this feeling state becomes our “default” mode.

After years of getting knocked around and told I couldn’t and not to dream and not to reach and to settle…I began to reach and ask and not feel bad or unworthy.

I began to know I was capable and able and worth it.

So, here is one great way to seal the deal.

One super way to lock in your desired life and career.

The ultimate in subconscious programming.

The best way to place your order for your future as if you are ordering it up from the Universe.

Here’s how to claim your future:

  1. Sit comfortably at a table with serious intentions and a warm desire in your heart to have a great life and one that you know is out there and one that is a stretch but that will be awesome.
  2. Gather a full piece of paper and your best pen.
  3. Begin to write Dear _______ (your first name), Now write about your fantastic job, the amount of money you are making, the recognition and appreciation you are receiving, the great way you get to be the best you. The accomplishments, the team you work with, the perfect great boss, and the wonderful company. Write it all in a letter of appreciation to yourself.
  4. Write it out in detail of how your week goes, what you do, how easy it is, how fun it is. Write everything in full detail.
  5. Sign the letter and date it today.
  6. Open it up in one year.
  7. SMILE!! It’s here.

Here’s the magic. Once you spend the time in the details of your desire and wire it into your subconscious, you will seek it out. Your mind will work with your energetic self to carve out this path. Sure, you may need help to stay aligned and on purpose. Yes, you will need to do the work in the physical world. Yes, you will have to show up bigger, claim your right to it and be the best you as often as you can.

As I tell my clients….get into alignment (with your highest self) and then take action.

Go ahead and claim your future!

Have fun with it!

I know several folks who have been amazed! Be amazed!

Ready to jump into your next career level?


Take action for you.