You Create It All, But How?

Thoughts are Momentum.


Yup! There, I said it.

Everything in your physical world is an out-picturing of the world inside you….because it all starts with energy.

Your consciousness is showing. Everywhere!

The grand mirror of the physical world is a reflection of the energy world in which we live.

Your thoughts and feelings are energy.

How else would you feel them? This energy interacts with your body…feelings!

Your physical body responds and then chemicals in your body change and now you have a real deep feeling. Once it is in your cells….your body remembers the feeling. Literally.

SO, we recreate the thought every time we have the feeling. This is exactly how we get stuck.

Consistency and energy…momentum.

You see, energy creates matter… meaning when we put our attention on something enough times, it actually is created. You know… The Einstein equation?

The world’s most famous equation, but what does it really mean?


“Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.”

On the most basic level, the equation says that “energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing.” (thanks

Life is all about energy.

Not the caffeine, adrenaline energy…no, it is about the energy we put on things, the focus, the attention and the consistency.

Thought energy.

Let’s be scientists about this:::::

You think.

You create thought energy– you actually move the energy from the unified field in which we live, into your own domain (Moving light energy).

You feel.

You then stir up the energy to move it closer to matter (Speed).

You See.

The more momentum you have around the thoughts and feelings, the faster it moves into matter– the physical world you live in.

Thoughts turn energy toward us.

Feelings move it.

Momentum (consistency of the thoughts and feelings).

YOU Create reality.

I just broke down how the LAW of ATTRACTION works in less than 300 words.


So….now what?

Well…now you have a few choices…

Keep thinking what you’ve always thought and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!



You can change.

Change your thoughts to ones that are what you want.

From, “My boss doesn’t like me and I’m not getting anywhere.”

To, “My boss needs something different from me and I’m going to do that and be successful.”

You can change.

Change your feelings.

From, “I hate going to work and feeling ignored and looked over for my talents.”

To, “I love the challenge of having to grow and see that I am capable of more.”

You can change.

Change your momentum.

Create a daily ritual for success involving journaling, meditation and self-care.

From, “I have no time for myself…poor me,” (victim consciousness).

To, “It is MY life, if I don’t have enough time for me, no one will respect me.”

Create your life by creating your thoughts.

Enforce it all with a daily ritual of journaling and meditation.

Journaling enforces the thoughts in the physical realm and meditation reduces resistance and keeps you connected to the unified field.

It is that simple and not so easy. That’s why it takes time.

My Kick Ass women know it starts inside…we have to change daily habits that bring our thoughts down.

Next Blog….staying on your highest path even when things seem to be going “wrong”.

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