The World Will Match Your Brightness.SHINE- NOW.


I am talking about shine this month.

Your soul shining. Your soul shining is…..well……Is. Everything!

Your freedom, joy and happiness are essentially your SOUL!

When you shine your soul brightly everyone can see it.

YOU– you feel it!

Happier. Lighter. More Joy. Better decisions.

“If only my life was better. If only my job was different.”

The secret lies inside YOU.

My clients show me this everyday.

You know the secret?

Your soul is the secret.

YOU are the secret ingredient.

The secret to your freedom, joy and happiness is……

Choosing you.

Yup…. I can feel the legions of generous people shouting,

“Mo, isn’t that selfish?”

NO!! It is the opposite.

When you put everyone first it depletes you.

When you are giving yourself to everyone and everything that needs something FROM you, you get depleted, run down, burned out and pissed!

When you take care of you… get filled up.

When you get filled up from your own self, all things are possible.

You see….when you fill your own cup, you are no longer dependent on others for your happiness.

Last year, 40% of my clients in my Kick Ass Career Program were unemployed when I began to help them. One of my clients last year lost her job as a nurse due to incurable, frequent migraine headaches. She was hospitalized for them. She was sent to specialists.


She needed a new job. One that wouldn’t run her down!

She knew if she found the right job things would get better.

The secret happened when she saw how amazing she is INSIDE.

The secret to her happiness came bursting FORTH!

From inside…she saw herself as she was meant to be.
She cried and mourned the lost years, the doctors, the hospitals who couldn’t find it.
And there she was….all along, she was there.

INSIDE, her soul began to shine.

She began to shine.

NOW— all of a sudden……just like that she was able to focus on a job that FELT better.

She was able to interview without feeling the hurt and trauma of her last job.

You see…..losing your job is traumatic.

Losing it for a chronic health condition is scary.

That trauma and fear places an additional layer of negative energy on top of the journey of finding a great job.

Great jobs are available to you.

The next best thing is there for you, after you wake up your soul and begin shining.

Here’s the catch……you have to be ready to be a higher version of you.

Your resume and LinkedIn profile matter….but it is all about you.

You must overcome the hurt, the mistakes, the missteps, the outbursts, the career limiting moves (CLMs) that you have had.

You must overcome the toxic workplace.

Your must heal from the bullies, the naysayers, the critics.

You must learn to become a free soul.

You must be independent of the opinions of others.

You must shine from the inside.

You can.

You can shine brightly from inside.

Put away the finger pointing.

Put away the “they done me wrong”. Begin to shine.

You- Shine.

As the famous philosopher and world changer, Mahatma Gandhi said.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

You must change for your life to change.

When you do miracles are possible.

My clients see it all the time.

We begin by shining their soul.

See it.
Shine it up.
Brighter still.

Soon the calls and jobs come rushing in.

After no one calls.

After months of no job.

After months of a bully boss…..promotions.

After feeling so down. A great new job.

After being dulled by the outside world- MIRACLES.

Yes, my work is deep and soulful.

Yes, my career followed the spiritual laws.

Yes, my work will change you.

Yes, your soul wants to shine.

It wants to shine BRIGHT!

So— go ahead.

You start shining.


The real you, your soul wants to show up big.

Once you do the Universe matches you, bright for bright.

It is the Law.

It is the way it goes.

Go ahead, you first.

Be the change.

Soul….hey you….come on out and show us your true self!

P.S.—This week as we celebrate Fathers.

I have a huge shining gratitude for my dad and his shining soul.

He taught me how to take chances.

He taught me how to be me—regardless.

Even when it meant facing dangers, facing his career change.

I learned so much about career navigation from him.

He changed himself and entered a new career at 53 years old.

My dad went to law school as a retired executive and reinvented himself.

He did it to live a dream.

He did it to be true to himself, his soul came alive as the local attorney and later judge.

He is no longer here to remind us of his grace and brilliance.

Less than one month ago he became an angel.

All of his 6 children and his wife of over 60 years miss him.

We knew his soul.

Smart. Generous. Ambitious to help others.

He was a man who impacted others.

I am so grateful to have been touched by this man as my Father.

Fathers…..Be the man you want your children to BE.

Blessings to all the Dads out there.

Now, more than ever you have a mission to love, live and lift.