What Your Parents Told You is Wrong and Holding You Back

Your parents’ advice was wrong — is living by their “rules” holding you back?

Based on our Facebook poll, aside from those who stated they didn’t receive any career-related advice growing up, the most frequently heard advice that respondents reported receiving from their parents was, “you should become a: (fill in the blank), despite the fact that you have no interest in it.”

You need to understand how your family is still affecting your day-to-day life!!

Are your parents holding back your performance, income level, your power?

We all love our parents. While their recommendations come from a place of love (sometimes) and asking their point of view may be helpful, your level of success and happiness may be different than your family of origin.

Here’s the thing—now is the time to move into your power and do the work to overcome this. When we continue to expand we are going to continue to be pulled forward into our true purpose. The world is calling us forward, more now than ever. And the best part is—you can be living your best truth, in whatever field/position you are in! It’s about moving forward, challenging yourself, and reaching the level that serves you!

We all have parental and familial anchors that hold us prisoner until we decide that our soul’s purpose is worth more than that! Don’t let your negative anchors keep holding you down!

When you come into your souls power, everything gets better!


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