Your Path. Your Responsibility.

How about your PATH?  How’s it going for you?

Last week I spoke of Job Trauma and so many related to it!

So….how is it going for you?

Career? Life? Where you want to be?

Think responsibility.

Are you ready to get rid of….”it’s their fault”?

Ready to get rid of, “why has this happened over and over again?”

Are you ready to take your feelings and your thoughts in your own hands?

How about asking a better question…

“What am I doing to attract this lesson into my life?”

Yes….when we get what we don’t want in our career and life…

It is a lesson.


Rather than look for who is to blame and be in victim mode, change your perspective.

You have problems, we all have “problems”. Bad boss, been laid off? Fired? Not achieving your worth? Not recognized for how hard you work? Taken for granted by one too many managers?

Everything that’s confronting you now is just the echo, the remnant of yesterday’s thoughts and actions.

See what is working and what isn’t. See the challenges that are confronting you.

These are effects of your thinking, your beliefs about you and the world. All of it is an effect of you.

Are you happy?

Is it what you want?

Your path is your responsibility.

We live in a Cause and Effect world….

But we have been told the wrong thing.


Think about it….you are The Cause. Of Your LIFE. Of Your CAREER.

Albert Einstein reminded us,

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Your consciousness must be changed!


One of my coaches recently wrote about the biggest difference between success and NOT.

All we have to do, all YOU have to do is change your thoughts, actions and beliefs that caused what you don’t want.

Personal responsibility.

All you have to do is work with someone who has already achieved the results you want.

Learn that PATH.

All you have to do is work with someone who can give you the beliefs, strategy, skills and tools to do the same.

CREATE the Path you want…only you can do it for you!

Only thing is…most of us need someone to show us it’s possible, doable and real.

Otherwise you are living a guessing game.

Otherwise you are trying this and trying that….it doesn’t work.

I spent 30 years sorting it out. 30 years of stabbing in the dark.

Eventually…finally…. All the books, seminars and coaches I hired…finally.

Finally…..I thought differently about myself.

The last 10 years it worked.

Then I got breast cancer…..and the beliefs and thoughts had to go up a few levels.


My career and life changed…executive, happy life, new relationship with my kids. I stopped being a victim. Only I knew what was really going on inside.


How do you do it?

Begin to think differently about 2 major aspects of your life.

Begin to think differently about yourSELF.

Begin to think differently about your WORLD.

Everything you think about yourself and your world is exactly what you have.


Your job,

Your boss,

Your spouse,

Your money,

Your car,

Your life,

Your soul.

EVERYTHING in your world and about you starts in your thoughts.

Just ask Einstein.

Just ask any quantum physicist.

Just ask me.

My team and I are happy to help you change this.

We are ready….

Join the hundreds of souls who said no more!

Join the hundreds who began to want their dreams more than their FEARS.
Let us get you your dreams.


Your Path.

Your responsibility.

Your thoughts.


Your thoughts,


Why should they hire you?

Why should they promote you?

Why should they pay you more?

Answer this in your soul FIRST.

Feel it in your cells.

NOW! Your responsibility.

Let’s get this to work in the right direction for you.

It all starts with a FREE Career Clarity Call.

“This is the best discussion about me I have ever had…you do get it!”

Said one recent marketing associate.

She is now on her way to her life and career.

It starts with a decision to talk with a Career Breakthrough Strategist.

Book Your Call Now, show up, for you!

Your Path.

Your Responsibility.

Let’s get your career and life designed! BOOK NOW.

You are worth it.

It is time… more suffering!