Pay Attention to Your Sneak Peeks

Pay Attention to Your Sneak Peeks – to Bring You Joy

All my life I have had moments that seem to stop time, moments when life stops and the moment gets seared into my mind, my heart and my soul.

Climbing trees, climbing monkey bars at playgrounds, performing yo-yo tricks in the 8th grade to wow my friends and family, walking the stage to accept my honor cord in high school, speaking to my nursing class as a senior graduating, feeling so alive on certain runs in the cold winter months, nothing could be better.

My favorite book as a young girl was “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper.

Something deep spoke to me about that determined little engine being asked to climb the mountain.

The little engine knew in his heart that he could. He kept reminding himself he could and then HE DID! My sneak peek is that I love the feeling of accomplishment over a hill, a mountain, an obstacle that is big, daunting and seemingly out of reach because we have set in our mind that it is. It is only a “mind-set”.

The Little Engine taught me that it is possible to get to the top. It is possible to have a “mind-set” upon accomplishment. That book reached into my cells, into my soul, my heart and mind to imprint the message. You can do it if you SET your MIND to it.  I remember reading the words, turning the pages knowing the outcome, yet getting the thrill each time, as if the end was a new victory each time!

One sneak peek shows up the most vivid of my childhood.  

A father of a neighborhood girl placed a dime in the palm of my hand after I taught her to ride a bike without training wheels. I loved teaching kids to ride their bikes. I loved the freedom of riding my bike, up and down hills, fast, screeching the tires to a stop to create a cool skid! I loved being 11 years old and having freedom. But, then I saw kids struggling, barely able to get anywhere, wheels turning so slowly they almost fell over standing still. There was no hair flying in the breeze, and no smiles on those faces. I wanted to help. So…

I rode up cheerily, “want me to teach you how to ride?”

Some declined….most said, “SURE!”

I diagnosed their personality very quickly.

Did they have guts?   Were they really scared?  Could they trust me?

All of these data points zooming in my mind as I decided on my approach. Ok, for this kid, I’ll take off one training wheel and convince him he can do it with one, for this kid, i’ll just make the training wheels higher off the ground, so they don’t touch the ground and and I’ll convince her they are on the ground…ok this one, I will take off the little wheels and run alongside real fast.

“Ok, ready?” I shouted with enthusiasm and my best coaching voice.

Off I went, running alongside, cheering the eager rider on with “yeah”, “you’re doing great” “your Mom will be so excited to see you do this” Keep going, you can do it! You can do it!

Smiles and hair flying in the breeze, we were bonded over that bike and they did it! Sure, every now and then I let go a bit too early.  The bike and rider would crash to the ground. I didn’t tolerate crying so back up we would go. Dust off the knees, no time for noticing the blood.

“There’s no time to cry if you want to ride your bike like me.” I eagerly urged a hurt pupil.

One more time, two more times, we would get it. Off they went. I loved the feeling of watching them enjoy their bike and go running into their home to gleefully shout their accomplishment to their loving parents.  I loved it! I wanted to feel this way as much as I could.

I have been teaching people to accomplish things they didn’t think possible for decades now.

As a student leader, a Girl Scout, in college as a leader, then as a nurse, a manager and finally in my later years as a healthcare executive. Being responsible for millions of dollars and thousands of jobs, I finally used my teacher, my little engine that could. This sneak peek came alive as I became the teacher executive.  I became (once again) the cheering, determined to succeed, climb, ride fast little girl who showed people in corporate uniforms that they could do it! Whatever it was we needed to do as a team, as a company, we could. The feeling has just gotten richer inside as I now watch adults who have gotten stuck, lost focus or gotten on the wrong path…when their souls’  finally come alive, so does mine!

Now, take your sneak peeks and find your inner self that is your soul’s essence.

Come alive once again to the you where time slowed down, memories got etched in your soul and you knew you were on purpose.

  1. What were you doing as a young person when memories of your greatness were etched in your soul?

  2. What work or deed or activity made you come alive and time stand still?

  3. Decide to be more of that person. Where can you add those characteristics of you in the work you do?

  4. Use your sneak peeks to create more joy in your soul.

Have fun! I think you can, I think you can! choo-choo!

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