Your Unlimited Energy Source, The DIVINE.

Welcome to MOST LIFE and this week it’s “E” for ENERGY.

We have been exploring the 8 Dimensions of a MOST LIFE, this week, the 8th Dimension, DIVINE Energy! Where do we tap into this unlimited source of energy?

Each one of us has a perspective of what the universal connection of love and energy means. This week we look at this unlimited source of energy as the DIVINE. Whether you are religious or not, we must be aware that there is an endless connecting energy between us, right now, you and me. We are all connected to each other through this divine source. Quantum physicists have been talk to us about this unseen energy for decades. Yet, few of us remember each day that it is there. This energy shapes itself in response to our thoughts. Let me say it another way, our thoughts shape the physical world in which we live.

The non-physical world is more expansive and more powerful than the cause and effect physical world. We shape it with our thoughts and we receive sustenance from it when we connect to it. In a previous newsletter I talked about the power of the breath and how it connects us to the calm nature of our infinite energy.

This week, let’s connect with our Divine source by asking 3 questions:

  1. What is my source?
  2. Am I connecting as much as I need?
  3. Is this a place I feel loved and all is ok?

Connect with your source and live a richer life by tapping into your divine energy. It is an unlimited supply of love and blessings. This place can be accessed through meditation, prayer, quiet reflection, breath work, yoga and other activities where you are able to shut out the physical world and go inside. Spend time there every day. Want some examples? DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK’S IDEASheet!

Blessings, Mo

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