Yuliya’s Story: From Unhappy to Happy All the Time


It is in the moments when we choose something different, something courageous, something from our inner being, our life goes up or down.

Yuliya was suffering in her Computer Science career. Living and working in Prague, she thought she would rather write for a living.  A blog that she wasn’t inspired to write….a career where she felt small and unsuccessful, she needed answers. She was shrinking and felt horrible each and every day. Her inner being wouldn’t let her go….she found a way to get the help she needed. Her story is inspiring to all of us who felt desperate to get out.

Listen to this woman who overcame all the obstacles that one can face; only woman on her team, shy and introverted (how to be seen and heard?), she rose above….but first she had to decide this.

Thank you for sharing your story, Yuliya.

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