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My New Favorite Word: Anti-fragile

I was listening to an interview the other day in which the CEO of Microsoft used a word that gave me the chills.

He described companies that are adapting and continuing to thrive during the pandemic as, “anti-fragile.”

Oh, how I love that word! 

Anti-fragile is about resilience. Or to use the old cliché, it’s about making lemonade out of lemons. 

And here’s the kicker: you can be vulnerable and anti-fragile at the same time. 

In this video, I sit down with my kick ass clients, Isis and Samika, and we share how you can be anti-fragile — or in other words — authentic, adaptable and resilient. 

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Black Women’s Voices Matter: Perspectives and Inspiration

Black Women’s Voices Matter! In this special event, I invited some of the members of our Kickass community to share their voices and perspectives as black women.

It was an opportunity for black women in our workshop to share the powerful steps they’re taking. Mothers, leaders, and changemakers — these women’s voices are seriously impacting our world!

They share their experiences living and working in a world of systemic racism, how they access solutions, cope during challenges, and claim their power.

You don’t want to miss this, especially if you’ve been feeling helpless in the midst of hate and heartlessness. You’re part of this world and you can be part of the solution.

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Cathy’s Story: Who Knew I Could Be THIS Happy at Work?

I am excited to kick off the week with a wonderful conversation with a fabulous educator, Cathy Beals, EdD. Cathy came to work with me and my team because she was experiencing the problems many women have:

  • Hitting the same roadblocks
  • Not contributing at the level I know I can
  • Unsure how to change this
  • Desiring a better life
  • After all, with a high school daughter and husband at home, she knew she wasn’t making her life the best for them either. Listen in to hear how Cathy turned it around and is now bringing her soul to work!

    Lean into her story — it could be yours!

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    Nadia’s Story: Overworked, Burnt Out, and Feeling “Not Enough”

    Do you ever think or feel that you’re not enough?

    This thinking/feeling pattern can be tough to identify. It starts in childhood and becomes so ingrained you hardly notice.

    But here’s how you KNOW it’s operating under the surface:

    • You work yourself to the bone but never receive the validation, promotion or financial compensation you seek.
    • Fear stops you from using your voice to advocate for yourself.
    • Your shaky boundaries allow your boss and co-workers to take advantage of your work ethic.
    • You burn out and end up with physical symptoms or chronic illness.

    My client Nadia was working 60 hours a week including overnight shifts.

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    Does Age Matter in the Workplace? Your Age and Your Work Attitude

    Does age matter in the workplace?

    I’m just gonna come out and say it: gray hair doesn’t make you obsolete.

    There’s a lot of noise out there about career opportunities diminishing with one’s fading eyesight. Even if this is a perception that’s shared by a lot of people you know, it’s just that: a perception.

    You see, your age is never the issue.

    But what about your age and your work attitude?

    The issue is your mindset and the way you understand success! Too many people are walking around hypnotized by what everyone else is telling them to do or be. Don’t allow it!

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    Is the Pandemic Really Going to Affect Your Career?

    With all the chaos going on, are you worried about your career and livelihood?

    In this video, I share how you can still get ahead and make your career dreams come true. Even in the midst of global change!Deep down, you may be scared that your financial and working life will never be the same again — even if you weren’t in love with your job to begin with.

    This is the first time in human history that 7 billion people have cooperated. The news makes it look like we’re all at odds with each other. Don’t be fooled: there is more love, more inclusiveness, and more connection than ever.

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    The Hard Work Myth is Holding You Back: Stop Playing Small

    Is the hard work myth holding you back and causing you to play small in your career?

    We’ve been told all of our life that the harder you work, the better your career. But working yourself to the bone with no self-care is not the path to success!

    Do you work and work and work with the same results? → Never moving up the ladder? → Never getting that pay raise?

    STOP trying so hard for too little return. Stop wasting your gifts and talents in work that crushes your soul. START paying attention to what will make you grow and save your energy for what really matters!

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    What Your Parents Told You is Wrong and Holding You Back

    Your parents’ advice was wrong — is living by their “rules” holding you back?

    Based on our Facebook poll, aside from those who stated they didn’t receive any career-related advice growing up, the most frequently heard advice that respondents reported receiving from their parents was, “you should become a: (fill in the blank), despite the fact that you have no interest in it.”

    You need to understand how your family is still affecting your day-to-day life!!

    Are your parents holding back your performance, income level, your power?

    We all love our parents. While their recommendations come from a place of love (sometimes) and asking their point of view may be helpful,

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    Your Traumas Are Showing Up in Your Career

    Are your traumas controlling your career — or are you?

    At some point in your career, you are likely to experience trauma. Perhaps it’s a negative work culture, colleagues that don’t like you, feeling overworked and underpaid, or uncertainty with how to manage up and level up. These can all leave you feeling stuck and fearful.

    Aside from making you feel lousy, these feelings deaden your soul and keep you from being the best that you can be. Your trauma begins to take hold of your career. You’re unable to attract the right level of role, so your contribution is less than what it could be, and your earning power is much less.

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    Essential Conversations You Need To Have NOW

    Are you avoiding essential conversations?

    According to a recent Braverly study, “70% of employees are avoiding difficult conversations…” Also, a 2017 survey by Quantum Workplace and Fierce Conversations “found that 53 percent of employees are handling toxic situations by ignoring them.” This results in a variety of issues —employees playing small, missed opportunities, and lost revenue, to name a few.

    Negotiating is another commonly avoided career-related discussion. Only 1 in 3 women negotiated for a higher salary when accepting a new job. The reality is that this can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their careers!

    Do you know which difficult conversations you need to have NOW?

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