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Gender Pay Gap Part 2: Real Life and Real Answers

gender pay gap real life

Gender Pay Gap Part 2: Real Life and Real Answers

I am so passionate about the gender pay gap because I see it every day. It is not a headline, it is not a monthly leadership topic at work or a philosophical social problem.


I will tell you some solutions down below—but first….

A client of mine is currently at a $50,000 gap in her pay compared to her male colleagues.

(We are going to fix it!)

$50,000!!! That is $200 per day- every work day she slips behind.

She was told they would take care of it over the next 2 years.

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My #1 Lesson This Year and How You Can Win with IT!

1 lesson this year

The ONE BIG THING this year I saw.



This one thing cripples more careers–

Costs more money—

Stifles more souls–

Causes unwanted pain—

It actually hurts more— when it is intended to stop pain, it does the opposite– the pain increases – until it is just too painful— and then– life is difficult– and decisions are nearly impossible– you are captured by fear!

And I know why it backfires and I know how to stop it’s path of destruction.

Here’s what happens when you STOP the destruction–

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Is it fixable? “I’ll Never get Ahead”


“I don’t know if I’ll ever be promoted after going for it 3 times and 3 No’s”

The woman on the other end of the call, a 54 Year old with over 25 years of excellent experience in her field in large corporations. She felt permanently stuck. At her age, retirement and fulfilling her dreams is now on the MUST DO NOW list.

She talked about her bosses, boss not being supportive of her moving up.

She talked about her boss being a micromanaging bully who shames her in meetings.

She needs a plan and an avenue for her career growth.

She can’t wait for others to be in charge of her career.

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10 Ways To Networking Success NOW!

You Really Must Network Like this for Your Career

We have all heard it, “networking is essential for success.”

I talk about networking all the time with my clients. Heck, it brought me so many opportunities and successes that I can’t even imagine keeping my head down and ignoring this basic essential success tool.

As a matter of fact, networking is not a tool. It is life to a career. Like oxygen and blood, your body needs to live, networking is essential to the LIFE of your career.

SO many smart, hard-working, (potentials) put it off, don’t do it, shrug off the awkwardness,

“that’s only for sales people”,  they say.

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Who Do You Really Want To Be?

Who do you want to be was a common question as we were growing up? Just like Mom or Dad? A Favorite Uncle? A famous sport figure? As we define ourselves and desire to be better and have more, who do we want to be? Careful, let’s use pieces, but let’s keep what makes us unique.

In this day and age of celebrity and athlete adoration, we must step back and say, “who do I want to be?” I know, we are all grown up and should be who we are by now, but wait a minute.

Free yourself from limiting thinking! Who can you be like?

I talk to people all day long and I realize we are ALL wanting to modify this,

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Your Unlimited Energy Source, The DIVINE.

Welcome to MOST LIFE and this week it’s “E” for ENERGY.

We have been exploring the 8 Dimensions of a MOST LIFE, this week, the 8th Dimension, DIVINE Energy! Where do we tap into this unlimited source of energy?

Each one of us has a perspective of what the universal connection of love and energy means. This week we look at this unlimited source of energy as the DIVINE. Whether you are religious or not, we must be aware that there is an endless connecting energy between us, right now, you and me. We are all connected to each other through this divine source. Quantum physicists have been talk to us about this unseen energy for decades.

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Be your own SuperHero!

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover L” for Living!

As a young girl I played super hero often. I really liked the imagining that I could do anything (to anyone) with a simple thought, the extension of my hand or the blink of my eye. In those days Batman, Superman and the Fantastic Four were popular, my brother and sisters and I played different roles, dressed up and used towels and old Halloween costumes to play the parts. It was so much fun to dress up and be a superhero!

This week I grab a towel as a reminder that we all could use a cape.

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