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Busy Fixing Problems for Others?


Women are wired to love and nurture others. We’re also brainwashed to put everyone else’s problems before our own. It’s convenient, actually, because it distracts us from going out there and claiming what we want for ourselves.

I’m sharing why staying busy fixing other people’s problems is damaging your career, limiting the amount of money you can make – and ruining your own health and wellbeing. Then I’ll give you guidance to get out of this trap, so you can uplift your entire life. I know… it might seem like you have no choice but to fix other people’s problems, because they’re your family…And if you don’t step in to help,

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5 shifts to your KickAss Career: Shift #5 Invest in Mentoring

SHIFT #5 Invest in Mentoring

“Why won’t anyone listen to me?”

I’ve had times in my career where I knew the answer, had the strategy, but was way off with the organization. I banged my head on the table (not really) until I was in pain (really).

How do you know how to navigate the next level up? The next level over? Or, how to make sense of the empty, hollow feeling inside, even when you are a success, but it just isn’t all that it was cracked up to be?

I hired my first coach 16 years ago. I recently came across the receipt. (Yes, I save way too much.) She helped me see that being right isn’t the goal.

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5 shifts to your KickAss Career: Shift #4 Leverage Your Time

Shift # 4 Leveraging Your Time

Did it all start in Alice in Wonderland? “You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date.” 

Or as our mom or dad pulled us from bed in the morning, “come on, you’re going to be late!”

We have heard of the scarcity of time since the beginning of time!

We are all given 24 hours to each day- all of us, rich, poor, famous, normal, struggling and gurus. How you handle the 24 hours and how you place time on your values determines the amount of perceived rush, struggle and chaos. Our rush to beat time, our push to maximize time is all an illusion anyway. 

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5 Shifts to Your KickAss Career: Shift #3 Own The Room

In all my years of success as a healthcare executive – there are 2 main success strategies- engaging people and presenting well. I spent many years thinking that you had to be “slick” to present well or a natural. I took it for granted that you either have it or you don’t! I was wrong!

I have seen so many people transform their confidence, their inner power and their presence by learning to present. I have been told the techniques I teach have changed the course for marriages, reducing conflict and elevating professionals as promotion material!

Let’s look at this wonderfully easy and simple to follow path to career bliss.

You can be a brilliant speaker, 

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5 Shifts to a KickAss Career: Shift #2 Have Confidence In Your Worth

Deep down we all have programming that dictates our thoughts,actions and feelings. Deep down we all have a yearning to be more and feel more freedom and peace. What gets in the way? What stops our true self from being THE self we are? What stops us from doing things we know will help us?

The second shift of my 5 SHIFTS to Your Kick Ass Career is all about this. How many times have you thought yourself out of something? How many times have you let doubt, shame, guilt infect your life? (I don’t really deserve a raise.)

The problem of not enough inner strength, letting the external world define you (and control you) and settling in your career all stem from the same inner issue.

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Using the 5 Career Shifts: Shift #1 Operate with Total Integrity

In my 5 Shifts to Your KickAss Career training I talk about the importance of operating with total integrity.

If you make this mistake, you get fired- or worse…! Have you made the classic CLM mistake? That’s Career Limiting Move (CLM). You know, you say something about someone and you instantly feel the blood draining out of you.

You know the… “what do you think is wrong with Becky? I heard she and her husband are divorcing!” or the “I can’t stand her and her whiny voice.”  AND THEN… SHE walks into the office! Yikes!

The biggest CLM is gossiping. Classic mistakes and missteps happen when we are under stress and pressure.

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