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Breanna’s Story: How I Got off the Struggle Bus

Playing small was never Breanna’s way.

But, somehow she found herself not happy, on the struggle bus and life was not what she wanted. Brea wanted to be happy inside and claim her life for herself.


She didn’t want to scream at her kids and husband. She wanted more clients in her business and ones who are fun to work with.

As Brea found her inner awesome, began to get used to feeling great and found her inner GPS, she moved in the direction of her dreams. Not only did her business begin to grow, she felt happier about it and no longer saw it as competing with her family.

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It’s Happening: Programming Your Thoughts for Success

YOUR Thoughts Are Not Who You Are…

Every day you think thoughts, and science tells us over 70% of these thoughts are the same ones day in and day out. These repetitive thoughts create a belief system that controls our decisions.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the science of success.

When we think and feel in repetitive ways it becomes our “reality.” Eventually it feels like our thoughts are who we are.

We are wiring our brain every minute with the wiring and “firing” of neurons, especially when emotions are high. This “programming” makes it feel permanent and convinces us that we are how we think and the world is how we feel.

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It’s Summer LIVING and time for MOCKTAILS!

We are taking a step back this week and relaxing, in the US this weekend is the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day and we celebrate the brave men and women who have defended our freedom. Let’s raise a glass to Memorial Day and the start of summer. (TAKE MO ON THE GO, Click Here for Podcast!)

My inner “mixologist” comes out when I see limes, lemons and fresh berries. I follow FOOD52 and The Tasting Table for great tips on how to enjoy wonderful summer beverages.

This week I have my own recipes and mix ups! A little fruit, some citrus, herbs, sweetener and some soda water.

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We are bringing back the best of the best for the end of the year!

This week on the “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature, EVERYONE!

From Cookbook authors, to biographies, animal welfare books, CEO’s of eco-conscious companies, healthcare presidents, publishers, executive recruiters, we heard a lot of what makes these successful people AHEAD of the Curve! Each brought to MOST LIFE a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at life and work.

A few memorable insights:

  • Listen to everyone on your team
  • Listen to your customers
  • If no one else is doing it, why not start a company and DO IT!
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    Fawn Lopez, shares her journey out of her war torn homeland to success!

    Fawn Lopez goes from fleeing Vietnam with her family to publisher of Modern Healthcare. Fawn Lopez shows us a thing or two about overcoming adversity and making life a joy!

    She is inspiring, smart and open as she tells her story, as a 15 year old, not speaking English, landing in Missouri, “what now?”, she must have thought!

    Hear her story and be moved by what she has accomplished!

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    Ryan MacDonnell, co-proprietor of Round Pond Estate

    This week on our Ahead of the Curve series feature Ryan MacDonnell, co-proprietor of Round Pond Estate in Rutherford (Napa) California.

    She came back to the earth and a family business to inspire her inner desires to enjoy nature’s bounty.  Her family run business produces beautiful wines, olive oils, and fruit syrups. She is creator of some of the finest living in this wonderful wine country in California.

    See her story and be inspired by her life challenges and choices. She knows about Fine LIVING, since it is her business, but she also know that we have to go for our dreams and take action NOW! Life is sweet and it is short.

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    A little Piece of Tracy Dyer

    We are so excited to feature Tracy Dyer, CEO of Urban Junket in our Ahead of the Curve Series.

    She joins a list of people changing the world for the better, and she has.

    Recycled bottles to purses that are fashionable, functional and friendly to our earth! WIN, WIN, WIN.

    Purchase one NOW, you know you want to 🙂 CLICK HERE!

    We will be featuring other inspiring goodies very soon. Be a part of the movement to stay inspired by the best the world has to offer, stories, tools, tips and inspiration to keep you going in the right direction for your life.

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