Do the Thieves of Life Have You ~TOO??

Imagination lacking - Do the thieves of life have you too

You Deserve it All.

Don’t you?

What is the problem then?

Your Imagination is your problem.

The problem is that you have not learned how to accept your good.

Perhaps your experiences don’t open you to it.

Are you like my 39 year old client last year?

Her spirit was kidnapped, stolen and beaten beyond recognition!

Who were these thieves?

How did she let them in?

They were frequent visitors.

These thoughts, feelings and therefore reality had been visiting her for a while!

She thought it was what life was all about.

This is just life….

Divorced for one year, working as an IT professional and facing a demanding work schedule and 3 kids shuttling back and forth, she was maxed out and running against time and pressures all day long!

The stress pattern kept her in a continuous loop of negative thinking and feeling, eventually winning her over and hi-jacking her consciousness.

Nervous breakdown and a hospital stay– she had cut herself off from her supply of life.

She was on a path to live a life of fear, anxiety and needing medical attention just to live.

What her children may have had to endure?

She was in a spiral that she was convinced was “REALITY”.

A working mom, not enough time, money, love, friends, working an impossible double grind!

Life was a never-ending treadmill.

She heard the voice within when she left the hospital.

Thank goodness.

You see…..

We are fed from within.

Our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

They do.

If you are praying for a better life, make sure you are not defeating your prayers with negative self-talk and killing your dreams with self-doubt, criticism, and judgment.

If you are hoping for something you don’t have, make sure you aren’t focusing your thoughts on what you DO NOT HAVE.

Your thoughts and feelings create everything.

Your mind is either running a loop of negative and producing negative OR it is running a loop of positive and CREATING a positive life.

Your imagination and self-talk is EVERYTHING!

Our imagination must be opened and flowing.

Our imagination is our consciousness and so much of it goes unnoticed!

The field of consciousness and love energy keeps you thriving or not.

It is up to you to recondition your consciousness and to turn off the attention to fear, lack, anxiety, and low self-worth.

These are the thieves of your life.

It is up to YOU.

You must recondition your mind and not allow the thieves.

They want to get in. They want to take over.

For many they have moved in permanently.

But it, doesn’t have to be this way!

These thieves are used to getting first attention and they are used to getting fed.

STOP feeding the fear, self-doubt, criticism and anxiety.

When you feed these thieves, they will rob you of your life.

When you stop feeding them, you will have the life your soul desires.

Day by day it will happen. When you commit to a new reality!

Day by day you can gradually kill off the thieves and open your consciousness to love and imagination for a better life.

My client is now thriving.

She is loving her children freely– no longer fearing every step of life.

She is loving herself and running half-marathons, healthy and making new friends.

She is earning more money and loving her dream job, making the impact she wanted to and working at a company that isn’t expecting her to keep robbing her soul of time and energy.

She is living in life’s abundance, prosperity and she turned to the loyalty of her higher self.

She embarked on the FAITH necessary to start her path in a positive, prosperous way.

She is the captain of her soul, knowing the Laws of Life, navigating her ship, giving herself the orders for the life SHE WANTS!

She knows her mental focus and feelings of wonderful imagination are her guiding forces.

Her ideas, beliefs, and opinions are in alignment with her soul!

Her convictions for a better life for herself and her conditioning for her life is also now helping to condition her children to honor their positive thoughts and feelings.

We act as we are acted upon.

So now she is embracing her daughter’s unique personality.

She is supporting her son’s dreams and standing in certainty that life will follow their prosperity consciousness.

The inner feelings always govern the outside experiences.

It is a simple way to move yourself to prosperity in life.

It may not be easy, because you have been lied to about what is possible.

You have believed others. You have believed their small and negative stories.


You now can believe your inner desires and look at yourself in the mirror and imagine your life being what you desire.

All you need to do is to be loyal to the feelings you want to have.

If you believe in yourself and your better future, you are on your way!

I have been helping women create their miraculous lives and change the trajectory of a bad situation for years now.

It is my story, changing the inner me.

It is the story of each of my clients.

Let’s start your new life.

One thing my clients all have in common, they knew they needed someone to help them.


Take the step that thousands of women ahead of you have and listen to that inner voice that carries the hope of something more for you.

It is more than possible, it is DO-ABLE!

Let’s DO IT!

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