How do you define Fine LIVING?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week

This week we cover “L” for Living

I defne fine LIVING as having wonderful experiences with my senses often. Fine smells, sights, tastes, music, nice fabrics to touch and feel. This is sometimes called a decadent life, but I disagree. I think enjoying the finer things in life is a refined way of Living. Certainly, if you can afford more that’s great, but what about for many of us?

It’s time to look around and see the beauty in your life and really fine LIVING. The smells of your kitchen when you make a favorite dish or “their” favorite cookies. The taste of a fresh tomato or a crisp apple. My mother taught us to smell and taste fall apples. I can still feel them and remember them as a kid. Then, oh to make fresh apple pie! Nice and plump and stacked with those wonderful apples. What could be finer than that LIVING?

Look around you, remember smells and tastes and sounds of your life. What is the first thing you think of in your life with the words fine LIVING? A special meal? A nice occasion where family is gathered? The fall leaves swirling about when walking through the yard or the woods? A fine wine opened on a special occasion? Or a bottle of champagne opened just because?

Enjoy life and soak in all the pleasures around, there are many. Your heart, spirit and mind will enjoy the ride. Life is a physical experience so we are meant to enjoy the physical pleasures brought into our world.

How great is the earth that it gives us beautiful food, gorgeous landscapes, smells of rain and soil and growing and harvesting. So Live this beautiful life it to the fullest and LIVE your MOST LIFE!

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