How to Live a No Regrets Career and Life

A burst of energy came over me yesterday about a promise I made a long time ago.

This promise gets stronger by the day.



My feelings and motivation get deeper and I am more committed to my life with each client I work with.

You see….when I was a young nurse, I was reminded by many of my dying patients to enjoy life before it is too late. I have been living life this way with gusto for years.

Sure, every now and then it has been clouded by external events that have caused me to be in fear mode more than “no regrets” mode, but mostly I operate from…

“what do I want my life to have been when I am in a rocking chair in my golden years?”

The rocking chair test is a powerful way to pull back the lens and see who we are, what we are doing and what our life would be if we do or be a certain way. Where do you want to be, who do you want to BE in that rocking chair?

This is a powerful reminder of how we want our life to look when we look back.

You are the author, the director, the producer and the actor.

Take your life in your own hands and get in charge.

Is someone else dictating your career?

Or are you in charge?

Are you making the moves you need to have your life?

Is that vacation and family going in the direction of your dreams?

I learned the hard way how to author my life…lost jobs, cancer, friends…pain has caused a lot of my passion. Pain has pushed my lifestyle of NO REGRETS.
Taking your life and living the NO REGRETS life is a commitment and you won’t look back.

Recently I was “seen” as brave by my clients.

What it really is…it is my sense of urgency to live my life with NO REGRETS!

No regrets means, living a full life.

Here are the Steps to Living a Real No REGRETS Career and Life.

There have been times that I was living half a life and I upped it to a full life.

I took chances on new jobs, down payment on a second house, big trips, giving more than I was comfortable with.

Yes….There were times I pulled back in fear.

Fear of losing my job, fear of doing more and getting anything in return.

Fear of being uncomfortable. But then I realized that being uncomfortable is EXACTLY the feeling that was always before the expansion and the excitement. It was always what I went to when life went RIGHT!

  1. Uncomfortable is the No Regrets life.

I have “gone for it” so many times, I hardly recognize the move anymore.

That’s why I am seen as brave, because living fully and with all my soul’s alignment is just how I live. I travel, I coach, I inspire others and I share.

That’s a no regrets life.

What are you hoping will happen before your NO REGRETS life?

Don’t wait.

What permission are you looking for?

Don’t wait.

What exact thing needs to be in place before you can afford it?

Plan so you can move forward.

  1. Maybe you don’t know what you want to do?

Find your inner self and say hello. Get to know your inner you.

Your inner you is very cool, very fun and beautiful.

How do I know? Because I know how people are when they open up to their full self.

  1. You may have to invest in yourself to move your life toward that rocking chair test.

I have. I have invested so much money in being a better me that if I told my mom how much, she would gasp. (Don’t tell your mom!!!)

I hired my first coach 17 years ago. I have been studying what makes people successful for over 30 years.

  1. Find someone who has done it before.

There are certain things you must do to be happy and fulfilled.

What is in your way?

Get a plan.

Don’t know how?

  1. Find a group of people who will support you and let you experiment with your “new” self.

Are you afraid of putting yourself out there?

Ready to live no regrets?

Let’s do this.

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Let’s talk the NO REGRETS lifestyle.

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