Revealed- How Your LIFE Works- The LAW of LIFE!

revealed law of life

Your Life Revealed, Finally! The LAW!

The Law of Attraction is the Law of LIFE!

I ran every morning for years early- DARK.

After a few months I decided to do some yoga to stretch before my runs- MY TIME.

As I lay quietly stretching as the family still slept– I was stressed to the max, had to leave for work at 7 am and took my morning time for myself– I JUST WANTED A FEW MONTHS OFF!!

I ran, I worked, I asked!

I was under such pressure and I didn’t want to leave, because I loved the work and my mission.

I loved it, but the edges were beginning to unravel!

Months later, I was terminated….with MONTHS OFF!

I hated it and I was scared….BUT— it was just what I asked for–it was just what I felt for and wanted.

Here is what I NOW KNOW for SURE!

There is no doubt when you push someone, they will move.

Drop a glass and it hits the floor.



There is no doubt that what you think is what your life will be.

Think and feel a negative and you are attached to the negative energy of life.



Physics tells us about how consciousness changes reality.

For some reason, we humans are slow to adapt to new information.

We are reluctant to take on personal responsibility for our life.


It’s the boss.

It’s my education.

It’s my lack of education.

It’s my age.


It is your thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world.

RIGHT NOW– stop and think– what are you thinking?

“I don’t want to go to work…those people again? They don’t see what I do.”

“The world is screwed up, people are so rude, I can’t stand this town anymore.”

Maybe your inner dialogue is different!!

Is it??

If these are your thoughts, you will have pain, struggle and suffering as your life seems to be a reaction to outside events of your life and not in your control.

This leads to depletion of your energy, feelings of hopelessness, possibly even physical symptoms and frequent illnesses.

This cycle of life can seem like what life is supposed to be, since everyone you talk to is suffering, struggling and having the same problems, it must just be….

LIFE!!  “

It’s a bitch and then you die”…..heard that too many times!!

I talk with hundreds of people each year and know what many folks think.

There are experiences happening to us and we don’t deserve it!

“I got to do something, NOW!”

“I have to change my life now, I can’t continue this way!”

The truth is, you can change how you think and feel.

The truth is, you can change your life.

The truth is, if you do NOT change your thinking and feeling habits– no matter how great you interview—you will attract the same bosses and the same people, places and things in your life.

In order to have your life work well for you, you must think and feel in alignment with your desires and be feeling ready and worthy of it all.

It sounds so simple, and it is.


Simple. Not Easy!

Why not easy?

Because you were not raised to understand the LAW of LIFE.

Because the lovely adults who raised you, more than likely conditioned you to feel fear and a certain level of unworthiness.

Once you dive into your life and career these conditionings can come into real conflict with what you want.

Once you begin to say, “NO” to the stress and struggle it is time to break free.

Join hundreds of my clients who have broken free and learn the LAW OF LIFE!
They live a new way, controlling their thoughts and feelings, changing their habits and having a new life and career.

Like Ann, ready to quit her new promotion, instead, she grew into her position and became bigger than her job and now feels like to can do anything! She is a great leader!

Or, Kim, who didn’t know how to put herself in the driver’s seat, she finally learned to honor herself, created a new life and career and knows how to be in her flow. She lives the dream!

Or, many others who learned how to change their thoughts and feeling habits to create the life they want– it is possible– it is fun to create MIRACLES!

Join us!

Learn how to leverage the LAW and Bring Your SOUL to Work to land your dream job!

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