3 Ways to Use Adversity to Energize Your Life

This week I return as Energized as ever from the largest cancer survivor celebration in the United States, SURVIVORVILLE. This wonderful event in Nashville, Tennessee is the brainchild of 2 fantastic cancer survivors, Karen Shayne and Judy Pearson. 

Their dedication to making a day for cancer survivors that is upbeat and celebratory is pure genius and pure spirit! I honor them and they allowed me time to celebrate my cancer journey and the gift of survival.

As a thriving, successful executive woman, when I was hit with the cancer diagnosis, it punched me in the gut so hard I was dizzy for weeks. I was dazed, confused, and angry. My world was turned upside down. I fought back, I continued training for the Marine Corp Marathon I promised my little sister to run with her.  I continued working and leading my team, I mothered my kids, was a companion to my partner and was a sister and a daughter to my family.

In reality, I hung on by a thread, and they all propped me up. They all were there for me. Each and every person who loved me, stood by me and let me be who I had to be for those weeks and months while I did the necessary double mastectomy, reconstruction and recovery. I sat in my family room one morning with drains and bandages, wondering how this all happened.

But I had three things that kept me growing and kept me going. I knew I was a warrior, I stayed grateful and I had perspective on my life.

Warrior Strong

But as all of us true warriors are, I recovered and became stronger. I pushed past the physical limits, healed, prayed, and allowed myself to be cared for. The entire journey allowed my perspective to shift. I am different because of the cancer. I am scarred, I have memories, I am more alive and more in love with life.

What challenge has asked you to be more YOU? Where have you been punched in the gut, fallen down, picked yourself up and said, “Hey, I am stronger than this!”?

Each time we come back, we are stronger. I love the sayings that challenges don’t define our lives, they reveal who we are. Take a look and celebrate your strength.

Gratitude For Those Who Helped Us

This week let’s put in the front of our minds the gratitude of overcoming adversity. The strength that comes from rising up. Celebrate your present place, right now, right here you are strong from the journey and you are connected to all who helped you.


Continue to grow and reflect on your life today. Each day might feel like all there is and, well, it is. But this life is a journey. The destination is not clear, because each time we reach a place, it is yet another stopping point. The stopping points matter, the lessons learned at each one, matter. The perspective of “this day is all I have.” Keeps me from being too attached to yesterday and tomorrow. I am a survivor and nothing will come between me and the inner peace and joy I choose in this minute. Choose to feel as good as you can NOW!

YOUR real energy comes from INSIDE. Be energized this week as we celebrate our warrior self, spread gratitude around and keep perspective each day, that this is all we have!