What Your 90 Year Old Self Wants You To Know


What Your 90 Year Old Self Wants You To Know

I’m writing to you from the future. Now before you roll your eyes and scroll on, please allow me to tell you how amazing it is that you managed to collapse time and space to send yourself this message.

I have a crucial message for you, but I can’t just blurt it out here. I’ve delivered it to someone who can channel it directly TO you.

Coach Mo is delivering this message. Spoiler alert: she’s going to tell you how to avoid a terrible moment of regret before you die.

What’s the regret about? Not enjoying life. Letting fear win. Swallowing other people’s poison for a paycheck. Betraying yourself to be liked. Not going for your dreams.

It’s not too late! Please join Coach Mo and be inspired to enjoy life before it IS too late…

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