Are you YOGA ready?


It’s “E” week for Exercise

This week we explore the wonderful world of yoga. There have been many spin-offs of this ancient practice. We will explore the traditional yoga and poses.

I started yoga in a small room in my house at 5 am in front of my TV for years watching a DVD before I went out for my morning run. I knew it was “good for me”. As a runner it felt good to stretch and open up like the DVD showed. I wasn’t sure the moves were correct but I was stretching. Soon enough I decided to go to a yoga studio to get better instruction and have a better handle on this strange exercise. That was in 2003. I remember the instructors, Joy and Pamela were so kind, flexible and strong. I wanted to be more like them. I was sure if I stayed with it I could soon enough bend and stretch like them.

Unfortunately, life has a way of interrupting our plans. One yoga class I recall vividly lying on my mat after I had a positive mammogram and tears flowed as I stayed in poses and breathed. I was able to get to a better place by the end of class. The tone of my instructor and the focus brought me to a place where I put my health in the hands of my creator. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and have recovered fully. Many life events have come and gone and now, yoga has beckoned me back. I have just returned to my mat and it feels great.

This week I will share one of the amazing instructors who has guided my heart, my mind & my body to reconnect. Pamela will walk us through the introduction and what to expect if you haven’t been to yoga, listen in. If you have been to yoga this is a quick 10 minute guide and you will meet Pamela. We will be releasing two additional yoga videos this week, one on stretching poses and another on strength poses. She is terrific and inspiring as she maneuvers her body through poses with such grace. Give it a try and go to a yoga studio nearby when you are ready. Have patience with yourself and let it be a gradual process. As with any exercise, we get hurt if we push too much too soon. Take it easy and breathe. This will be a fun week.



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