Be the Being You Want to BE

OK, Big reveal…

Something became obvious after a client learned a painful life lesson. It has a big impact on me as a coach.

You see…my heart breaks every day….that’s right, every day.

And this one time it really hurt. You see, my coaching is an investment. Of course, you want to make changes in your career and life, it’s an investment in time and money.

I conduct webinars, talk about what I did to lift my career. And post all the time, tips, techniques and stories of others who are landing their dream jobs and crushing it!

I lifted my career and that of others’ many times in my life and know how to combine the best in executive techniques with spiritual and personal development. I call it “Bring Your Soul to Work” and it works!

Clarity Calls are the way I connect with others, assess what is stopping them from their desired career and life and perhaps offer an opportunity to work with me to get where they want to go.

In the Clarity Calls, I go DEEP into what is stopping you,

what trends have been appearing>>>>>

“All my career I have had the same toxic environment.” OR

“I’ve been passed up for promotions even though I am the one doing all the work.”  OR

“I just don’t know if this work is right for me or not, I feel so frustrated.”

No matter who the boss or the company – we uncover what is really inside that is showing up in one’s career and costing pain, money and success. We talk dreams, we talk what is possible and imagine a new life.

We imagine a new BEING.

You see….I see things because I have helped myself and hundreds of others!

I know when I can help someone. They tell me everything. I realized just how deep a need there is for real coaching that gets REAL results.

Almost all of these people know they needed help but didn’t feel worthy of it! Sometimes it is a belief in themselves, sometimes a money mindset holding them back, sometimes a lack of imagination that career and life can really be better.

The ones who say yes are enjoying their new jobs, new life and new sense of personal happiness. Many are liking themselves again. How precious is that?

But I’m not telling this story to brag about my clients. Instead, I want to talk about the over 60% of the folks who say NO to themselves.

A few times I know I can help this person, but I hear….

“Mo, sounds great, I am sure it will work, but right now I have no money.” OR

 “That sounds awesome, my life is soooo busy, I can’t commit to another thing now.” OR

“I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and figure it out, I’ll read a book or something.”

REALLY! Fast-forward six months.

I’ve contacted a few of the “NO’s.” Life just tosses them around in the same soup! So many goals. So many reasons why. So many deeply personal stories of pain, and ambition, and dreams.

One underemployed woman contacted me after 6 months of the SAME OLD, SAME OLD. She stayed in the same toxic job, she was playing small, she was undervaluing herself. She wasn’t the only one, everyone was stuck right where they were six months before.

The bottom line is this: you have a job to do. Right now. Your skills and talents need to be leveraged at the highest level possible. IMPACT!

Your family needs a happy and successful role model, mother, wife, sister, etc… People in your company, or your new place need your help. They don’t need some other guy or gal…they need YOU.

I can’t force you to know that you need to BE a new BEING to be something new. You need to BE a new you to DO something new.

I can’t force you to begin your transformation. I know what your life looks like after you commit to YOU. All I can do is tell you this story and hope you understand something:

If you’re not creating the life you want, then YOU need coaching.

Those clients that didn’t enroll…not only did all they miss out on a better life…all the work-mates and family members who would have gained from their growth. That’s one big domino-effect of misery.

But the ones that did step up? They landed their dream jobs, they learned to love themselves again, they are making an impact. They are making easier decisions because when you are aligned with your soul, life is easier. They changed their lives…and then went on to create an avalanche of good stuff in the world.

From that day forward, I never let a potential client off the hook again. That’s tenacity…but you are worth it!

P.S. Don’t be one of those people who thinks they can do this all on their own. I will help you bring your soul to work and Love Monday’s Again!  I’m a pretty good coach and even I needed a lot of help to get where I am. The first step is to reach out and let’s talk.

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