Debbie’s Story: Part 2 How to Make Dreams Come True!



Inspired by Debbie,

I am sharing the behind the scenes way my clients make dreams come true.

The techniques are not to use better resume writing techniques, although we must be good.

It is not the best LinkedIn profile, but we must be good there also.

It is not JUST learning to speak up and have a voice and be aligned and proud of who you are.

It is not just to network and make yourself known to the right people, and that is certainly key!


How did Debbie, and hundreds of women just like her do it?

She learned the basics of playing in her greatness, her soul came alive and she learned how to use her super powers for GOOD!

Many women I speak to fear their true power and have never been taught how to bring it forward.

I saw this all the time in my corporate, executive career– playing small so others don’t feel intimidated. When we turn our soul’s power down and become diminished we create the conditions for a diminished life. It is then that we begin to believe what we see….that we aren’t worthy, or that we will never get “there”.

Debbie’s story is so inspiring and exactly the result I and my team go for when we help a woman “Bring Her Soul to Work to Land Her Dream Job.”

Here are the steps to your miracle making….and Debbie speaks about them here.

1.Imagine yourself in a bigger and better career (and life) place. Create a destination worthy of your soul. If you haven’t seen my webinar on this topic, grab a time and take some notes! SIGN UP HERE to learn about this powerful shift in your life and career. 

2. Create a plan and strategy that you can follow.

3. Imagine the results happening in your mind’s eye and feel the outcome.

4. Suspend disbelief. Practice getting your intellect out of the equation…..”Well Mo, how is this really going to happen?” When we allow the power of the Universal forces to come to our aid and know we are worthy (this takes practice also) and step into the knowing…..we truly do create MIRACLES.

5. Be ready to listen, receive and respond to the wonderful way things come to you. Yes, you will have to follow through, yes, you will have to make calls and show up and rock your interviews. You must also receive and be open. Again, this requires a deep knowing that you are worthy and it will come your way.

The real reason people don’t change is they don’t think it is possible.

They hang out with people who keep them in their box and keep them down.

The real reason people don’t change is they DO NOT know how to leverage the power of their soul.

The real reason people don’t move ahead is they keep only using their HEAD. You must use your soul!

Debbie, that you for sharing your story!

If you’d like to get started on the path to your DREAM JOB, it starts with a clarity call and knowing that you are worth it!


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