Heather’s Story: What Would Your Future Self Do?

How to Use Your Future Self to Guide You Now

She wasn’t happy with her same ‘ol, same ‘ol job!

Feeling stuck in a steady job as a mother of 2 small children and being the wife she thought she needed to be. (Mo, I’m not sure why I felt I needed to do everything to keep the plates spinning!)

After our first Clarity Call, deciding to go for it herself…

she went back to ask for a small raise.


She stayed for a while longer…..reaching out again after more of the same.

Feeling stuck with financial obligations, and the “security” of many years at the same organization.

She knew there was more, her soul was screaming for her attention!

She said, “Let’s go, MO!”

The rest will amaze and surprise you.


Let’s just say that Heather decided to FEEL her future self and be guided by that woman!

You see, when we are stuck… the self we know how to BE cannot be the SELF to get us out of it.

She became what she needed to…..a brighter soul.

Heather found her stride by being the woman she knew she could be.

Now she is in her dream JOB!

The road wasn’t predictable, but she found it by practicing the necessary SOUL alignment to find herself and her job!

Great job HEATHER!

Way to be Kick Ass and love your future self before you could catch up with her!

Your future self can be activated just like Heather’s….it starts with a simple review of what’s going on and what’s possible….A FREE CAREER CLARITY CALL.

Book your time today…..time is one element of life that you cannot get back.

Your future self is waiting on the other side!