What guides your direction in life?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “M” for Meaning!

Life is full of choices and input. We receive all sorts of input for how we “should” live, feel and think. Turn on the news and I guarantee you will think the world is worse off today than ever, even though crime rates are at all time lows in many U.S. cities. When I was young I loved learning about how the body works and I loved helping people. I taught kids in my neighborhood how to ride their bike without training wheels, wow, was that a great joy!

So, off to college and I chose nursing. My direction in life came from my interest in science and my joy of helping others. This was INNER direction. I also received OUTER direction, anytime I was good at something OR when I was not so good. These informed me along the way. Since I wanted a career that encompassed more than direct patient care, I chose the business side of healthcare. That took me in a different direction.

Anytime we have to find our direction we MUST ask 3 important questions:

  1. WHAT do I really want?
  2. WHY do I want it?
  3. Am I GOING there?

These questions help guide us and move our actions toward the answers. If you really want to see patients every day and feel that connection, nursing is a great place to be. If you want more of a business career, a different choice is made. Once I answered these questions I knew the steps I needed to make to get me to the answer of the first question WHAT do I really want?

When we make decisions about our DIRECTION we must take action. What action can you take NOW to move you in the direction of WHAT you want?

Use the IDEASheet this week to help guide you on these questions. Perhaps when you sit down and think about these 3 questions a new idea or feeling may inspire you. Take some action on it!

One of my favorite quotes is, “ You can’t reach second base if you leave a foot on first base.”  You must MOVE and commit to leaving where you are to advance! Life asks us to advance all the time, honor your growth. See your DIRECTION and find greater meaning!