How Do You Define Your Best Work/Best Life?

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Knowing yourself is key to your Best Work/Best Life.

In this hurried, social-media frenzied world we live in, many of us forget to stop and check in with numero uno (that’s right, you!). All the more to look inside every now and then. It is no accident that with the pace of the world we see a surge in Yoga and Meditation. These practices help to slow our world down to one where the voices and energy inside can be heard.

Creating a ritual where we spend time listening inward helps give our life direction. Careful not to listen to the inner critic. Listen to the intuitive one, the wise one, the soul. Your soul wants to be opened up and wants to expand. We do this through inner reflection. It doesn’t need to be difficult, a few minutes each day with a journal, a meditation practice, or yoga can help us stay in touch with the ME in our lives.

In my 11 Lessons for a Kick Ass Career, reflect on the fact that the airlines have us put our oxygen mask on first, then help others. The same with having a Best Work/ Best Life, put yourself in touch and then you can help others.

Here are a few questions from the 30 Minute Mission Statement, found at

Identify what you enjoy when time doesn’t matter. What activities do you get lost in? Where does time seem to get suspended? What would you do it time was no object? If you were granted a day to spend doing your favorite things, what would they be?

Listen to you yourself and pay attention to what isn’t working or what you don’t want. Often when we know what we don’t like or don’t want it helps us get crystal clear on aspects of our life. Many folks I work with find this very empowering. They never took the time to think about what they want to eliminate in life, or never thought it possible. We get so caught up in tolerating things, because we are proper or don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. How about your feelings? What needs to be eliminated for you to have a better life?

What is your purpose? What is your unique-ness? Ask others, think about when you are “on-fire” and unstoppable. People around us may see our awesomeness before we do. That’s ok. We are busy putting out fires, busy helping others, but what is your shining attribute? I like to think of it as your kick-ass zone. When you are untouchable, unstoppable and being the power you, what awesome activity is it? When and what gives you kick-ass-itude?

When you know yourself deep down, you can conquer many obstacles. Actually, when we are in touch with our soul self and our soul’s power, we see challenges as opportunities to carve out solutions. We become solution seekers as well as having our soul’s source of power handy.

Use these three questions to supercharge your Best SELF!