How to Create Your Own Kick Ass Council of Advisors

Create Your Own Kick Ass Council of Advisors


Look around – you are the average of the 5 people you hangout with.

I caught you looking. Think about who you surround yourself with. Studies show and success reveals that those people influence you in ways that determine your path in life.  You want to exercise more? Hangout with exercisers. You want to travel more? Find people (or a person) who enjoys travel and spend time with them!

We think, talk and behave the way our peer group does. Remember in school? Maybe a smart teacher told you to pick you friends wisely. She was right. As we start this year, toss the resolutions out and just change the people you hangout with, if you want more in life.

Why do corporations have a Board of Directors? To make sure the CEO and other executives have different perspectives and experiences to draw on to guide their company and fuel their success. Treat yourself the same way, make sure you have a council of advisors to guide you and fuel you to new heights and ways of thinking.

Assemble your Kick Ass Council HERE

I have created a handy worksheet (download below) for you to assemble your “Kick Ass Strategic Council of Advisors”. Take a look at the list of people who you can assemble to give you different perspectives, challenges and who can expose you to ideas and ways of thinking that may not be comfortable or natural for you.

Download your workbook below to learn how to assemble your Kick Ass Council of Advisors.

Your Kick Ass Council can learn from you, also. Make sure to ask them how you can serve them or help them as well. Your talents and your unique insights and experiences may be valuable to them. It’s fun to reach out and know you have folks in your corner, and that you are in other’s corners helping them get where they want to go. Make it a habit, every time you ask for assistance from someone, offer some back in return. The Universe has a way of rewarding that mutual exchange of energy and value.

Above is a quick video to get you on your way.

Make a commitment this year to be your best Kick Ass self and really expand your world. When you talk to people who aren’t exactly like you, you grow. [tweet] When you surround yourself with people with a different perspective and experiences you learn more about yourself and what you want in life.

Surround yourself with a great learning environment and make the most out of your life! Remember every moment can be…

Posted by Career Coach Mo Faul on Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Make this one shift in your life this year and you will expand, grow, have more fun and have a greater chance of achieving something more in life.

Be Kick Ass by hanging out with AWESOME people!

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