How do you sound?

Each week we cover one of our 8 MOST LIFE themes, this week it is “S” for Speaking.

We have been working on our life vision, our vision boards and NOW we are ready to create our verbal message to ourselves.

When you write in your own handwriting YOUR goals are set in motion. You are the author of your life. Taking it up a notch, when you add emotions and pictures and vivid designs of your life it sets in motion a magical energy that charges your subconscious mind. The events in your life begin to unfold in a manner that matches your plans and your emotions.

I described how I created a house with vision boards that I move into five years later! I didn’t realize it at the time, but the image I drew and the emotions I invested in that image created my new world.

Take stock of a final frontier in setting your vision in motion, YOUR voice!

Do you know what your voice sounds like? Do you know that you have different voices?

I am not talking about whispers and yells. I am talking about the pitch and tone. I am talking about the “umms” and “like”, “you know” and ending statements with the word, “right?”

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, well, I say the voice is the hallway to get there. Our voice portrays a lot of who we are.

Our external speaking voice radiates from within and shows the world what we are about. People react to our voices, maybe we don’t know we are projecting ourselves out there. Are we pensive and thoughtful? Then our voice is likely to be slower, deeper. Are we energetic and running around trying to accomplish a lot in little time? Then our voice is likely to be faster and the pitch higher or the tone more variable.

The questions here are:

  1. What does your voice sound like?
  2. Does it portray who you are?
  3. Does your voice have one setting?
  4. Can you alter your speaking patterns to meet the situation?
  5. Can we use our voice to help us feel better everyday?

How do you use your voice?

This week’s IDEASheet is all about your voice. When you speak it matters. DOWNLOAD NOW

Action Steps:

  1. Take out your smart phone and record your goals for the month or year. Give yourself a message that you are awesome and reminder of what you want to feel each day. Record a nice message to yourself with empowering thoughts.
  2. Play this message each day a new kind of selfie- a voice selfie. DO it today. Enjoy your voice, make it you!