Jess’s Story: How I Manifested My Dream Job

Jess tells us how she went from working in a job that did not serve her skills and talents to landing her dream job.

Jess began to feel happy about her work, and totally knew she used the Law of Attraction and expert coaching to arrive at a place in her life that she previously thought was out of reach for her.

Now she’s living her dream job.


Jess….like many of us…was STUCK in bad thinking. Jess thought the Law of Attraction didn’t work for her.

The energetic Universe was listening, each minute her thoughts and feelings were being picked up and returned to her in the exact same way she was putting them out.

The only thing she really knew when we first met, is that her life was not feeling good!

So, we went to work…right away!

Jess went into the Kick-Ass Career Coaching workshop with hope.

She proceeded with a bit of skepticism, but ultimately knew she needed someone who could see things she couldn’t see. That’s where I come in and that’s where all my lessons (they keep coming) and what I achieved in my career…and hundreds of women in my workshop came in…to help her start and get on track with the awesomeness that is JESS!

You see…The Law of Attraction is pure science.

It is quite simple and it is always “ON” just like the Law of Gravity, always working.

It is right in front of you if your life is what you don’t want, you have a few quick steps to take.

  1. Take responsibility.
  2.  Change the way you are thinking about this situation.
  3. Change the way you are feeling.
  4. Focus on what you want to think, feel and experience– get CLEAR!
  5. Protect your thoughts and feelings as much as possible.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t have judgment.  It is a simple process…you put in your thoughts, desires, and feelings…you are a magnet for exactly what you transmit.

I have seen it work in my life, others’ lives. I have see the Law create homes, jobs, cars, trips, you name it.

First, you have to live by the way it works.

I am diving deep into this Law this week– Facebook Live, My Law of Attraction Series!

Watch it live so you can ask me questions!

And…right after this interview, a new opportunity came Jess’s way to evaluate.

She keeps fine-tuning her Law of Attraction living and her life keeps getting better.

The process of getting what you want to think about in life starts with a FREE Career Clarity call. 

Book your CLARITY CALL today…..each day you wait costs your soul and your life lost energy, opportunity and lost you.

Let’s get started for your sake!