Just Get Fired? Afraid of Getting Fired? Here’s What To Do.

Getting fired from your job is almost always unexpected and traumatic. Even if you’ve never been fired, you may lie awake at night dreading the possibility and wondering if tomorrow is the day you lose your job. You might hope and pray that things will get better… but unless you can empower yourself, things will stay the same.

Here’s the truth: Being good at your profession doesn’t mean you have the skills to manage and navigate the direction of your career. Workplaces can be incredibly complex with lots of egos and the unmet needs of your colleagues. You may not have developed the savvy, communication skills, or inner self-confidence to advocate for yourself and create healthy boundaries. If you’re a people pleaser, a workaholic, or a perfectionist trying to prove your worth, you’re even more likely to get fired — or be sidelined. This is why having a career coach can be a game changer and help you let go of the fear of being fired forever.

Over the course of my 30-year executive career, I was fired six times. Sometimes the company was restructuring and the decision to fire me wasn’t personal. And sometimes I was fired because I was pushing against the status quo advocating for change, and I didn’t have the savvy to do it in a way that didn’t ruffle feathers.

Each time I lost a job, it felt like the rug got ripped out from under me. I’ve coached many, many women who’ve had the same experience. When it’s happening, there’s a huge stress reaction going on in your body as your brain tries to make sense of the experience.

Your brain will hunt for the reason you were let go so it can protect you from this fate in the future. That’s what the “fear brain” is designed to do. The stress can make you freeze and shut down, which makes it really hard to start a new job search — especially when your brain is searching for threats to your security.

Getting fired might feel like the end of the world, but it’s not. After the shock, horror, anger, grief, and other emotional reactions wear off, any pain you feel about getting fired has to do with the story you’re telling yourself why it happened. If you tell yourself you got fired because you aren’t good enough, you’ll unconsciously hobble your attempts to advance your career. If you tell yourself you got fired because you unwittingly promoted yourself out of a job… that’s a better story to tell, and probably more accurate.

I truly believe that everything that happens is happening for our best and highest good. Perhaps the universe is clearing the deck so you can do something more in alignment with your soul. No matter why you were fired, the important thing is to powerfully retell your story and begin healing, so you don’t carry pain and emotional poison into your job search.

If you’ve been fired, or you think you’re on the verge of getting fired, don’t panic. You’re not alone! Your life might be restructuring itself at the same time your company is doing the same. Choose to be proactive and face your fear head on. Lean into the discomfort you feel at work, and be open to hearing what your soul is telling you.

I help professional women to heal their souls so they have the confidence to go out there — no matter what the job climate is — and crush it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been fired, or passed over for promotion, marginalized or played small… Once you bring your soul to work and combine that with cutting edge career strategies that are relevant in the here and now… landing your next dream job is inevitable.

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