Love Yourself To Success

Love is in the air and it is the best model of how to succeed. Success flows where your emotions go. Feeling down and the world is out to get you? That’s surely what you will get.

Feeling in love with life, with you, with your abilities and with your essence, your gifts and feel like the Universe is on your side? You know what it feels like to fall in love? Play the video above to fall in love with you.

Falling in love is a wonderful cascade of beautiful emotions and positive thoughts punctuated by an all encompassing flow of positive neurotransmitters. Wow does it feel like a high! These “feel good” chemicals are taking our thoughts and emotions on a joy ride. How can we feel this way again, or often. We must feel good as much as possible.

Why not?  Feeling good is one major key to success. When we feel good we make better choices and decisions, we connect with others more authentically and we are able to more fully express our natural gifts and talents. So, it is perfectly logical to feel good as often as possible. In order to be fully present at work, at home, in our our skin we need to feel good.

The keys to success involve the best of:

  • Making great decisions
  • Connecting with others in meaningful ways
  • Expressing our talents and working with our gifts


But, Mo, “how do we get there? I feel lost and shut down way too often”, you may say. I have a few unconventional ways to feel good. Life is full of traps and patterns that we fall in way too easily. We fall into these patterns because they are known to us. When we have a pattern of needing recognition and validation, we seek out the same pattern. Often this pattern doesn’t give us what we need.

In my Kick Ass Career Course (find out if it is right for you by booking a Career Clarity Call), I share the lessons I have learned over my 25 plus years of a successful career. I climbed the ladder, I succeed in growing, changing and succeeding in environments where often the deck was stacked high. I was always looking for a bit more recognition than I got, more visibility and more acknowledgement.

Why? Because I had an unmet need that I carried with me wherever I went.  Have you heard the Buddhist quote, “wherever you go, there you are”? That was me. I was looking to repair something unattainable. I was looking for my dad to say, “That’s great. You are smart and wonderful.”

You know what else? It was never going to happen. I was like a lost girl with an empty bag which was not going to ever get filled up. I had to repair this unmet need to navigate my career and my emotions to succeed.

We must fill up our own bag with love from ourselves.

You must fall in love with you.

How? I have three great tips to get your heart poured back in toward yourself. These each require you to spend time with number one (YOU!). You must make time for you.

1. Listen to your favorite love song

One you can sing and let loose on. One of my favorites is Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac. Sing the song at the top of your lungs and think of YOU. Sing the song to yourself. How wonderful it is to be with you, how great it is to have this wonderful time and how you long for more. Fall in love! And DANCE!

2. My favorite self-affirming activity is so easy and warms up the heart in a jiffy

Place your right hand over your heart. That wonderful, beating heart of yours. It beats and beats all day long, taking care of your blood and oxygen needs. Bless it. Slow down and BREATHE. Breathe into your hand and feel the breath flowing through your heart and into your hand. Imagine the flow of breath through your hand and heart. Imagine a white glowing light through your heart and hand with each breath. Say “I AM ENOUGH” with each breath. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You are a wonderful shining soul- take that person to work! Succeed!

3. Go back in your memory banks and remember a time when you really performed, you were you, you were unstoppable

We all have moments like this. We tend not to repeat the memory as often because of all sorts of conflicting ideas of ego and self-worth. But, now, remember in all your glory. Maybe you danced your heart out in a dance recital at 11 years old. Perhaps a presentation you prepared for and it went really well. Or an interview you rocked and got the job! Feel the excitement, feel it deeply in your cells and stat with it. Stay with that feeling as long as you can and often. Write down your experience in full detail to engage all the great memories!

These are each tools you can use when you want to feel your awesomeness.  When you want to feel in love with yourself. Feel it. Love yourself. Go get them and succeed.

You can love yourself to success. Love to you. You are love.


Your Kick Ass Career Coach

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