Rosalind’s Story: How I Rose Up and Found My Awesome!


Getting pushed back from life is a common problem.

Getting thrown into caring for elderly and sick parents, caring for them as they die and having to juggle a full-time job and life is a heavy load.

Just ask, Rosalind. She tells her full comeback story here.

She was in that situation last year, having lost her job due to her obligation to her ailing mom.

She followed her heart (and she has a big one!).

She lost her job of over 2 decades….a workplace that couldn’t give her the needed flexibility.

Sadly, both her parents died within months, leaving her to care for the family home and get a new job.

But….she was not getting a new job.

Her confidence was at an all-time low.

She was not in a vibrational plane of her awesomeness.

She needed help, direction, and an experienced executive coach to help her be accountable, learn the proper strategies and give her permission to shine again.

As she says,

you’ve got to believe in yourself but sometimes your self-talk, talks you out

of things that you really need. So , you just have to do it!”

Once you get punched in the gut, whether from personal or job related trauma and life-altering events, an experienced coach, a supportive group of women can be just the treatment for a career and life that was put into the wrong orbit.

I found out that Rosalind is a fantastic singer. She has her favorites, but loves jazz.

After aligning with the best parts of herself, she saved her family home, landed a great job and got her groove back.

She’s back singing.

After hitting bottom, not sure how to climb back up (or if she could!), she invested in herself, got the solution she needed and now is back singing!

Listen in as she tells her own story.

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