She’s Her Real Self Now- Here’s How!


Welcome to the insider’s instructional manual on how to find your true, real, powerful, soulful SELF!

How did she do it?

We talk about the exact steps Marissa took.

How did she get past and through her fear?

We talk about the exact steps she took.

Marissa had some beliefs and inner programming that were causing her career (and life) to stall out. She knew there was more inside her (she heard the whispers), but she didn’t know HOW to believe in herself.

Marissa had to shut the voice of her inner being…shut it because it conflicted with her “reality”.

She had to use everything she had to push that inner BEING down, because she was not used to being allowed to be awesome. NOW– it is her time to be her REAL SELF.

Learn how she did it….it didn’t take the entire 12 weeks of my Kick Ass Coaching Program to get her there! It took HER. OWN. SELF.

As she said over and over to me….”YOU have to do it!”

Time to take action to make this your best year ever?

DO what Marissa did for herself….she (did it afraid) and BOOKED HER FREE CLARITY CALL.

Then, she gently became committed to her better, higher, inner self.