Your Vision Matters to us ALL!

Each week we cover one of our 8 MOST LIFE themes, this week it is “O” for Organization.  It is “O” week!

It’s a great week for Organization, and this is going to be a fantastic exercise to start off this year or any year or really any special time. Organization this week is about organizing your vision. Creating vision boards for this year and your future. I have done vision boards and visioning for years, as a matter of fact, 20 years ago I drew on a big poster board a house I wanted to live in. I pictured a balmy palm tree area,  a large driveway, and a mediterranean home. Well, the area I was living in at the time was certainly not those things. I didn’t realize it at the time, but, five years later I moved into that exact house!

To me that is the power of vision boards and creating a defined outcome.  This week in the IDEASheet I left lot’s of blank space, you are going to put your 2015 vision on paper. Make it fun! Cut out pictures and words from magazines  that represent what you want your world to look and feel like, put it on the board and imagine life the way you really want it!

As a really big BONUS you will also receive your 2020 vision board template.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years!? Organize your vision boards.

Have a fun, enjoy the week!  Do it now, don’t put it off- your life is waiting to be designed!

I can’t wait to hear from you! VISIT me at my website and comment about your vision boards.

Also- visit my FaceBook page, there is more I share there. When I offer FREE videos you will see it there as well! Let’s have some fun. Design IT! Dream IT! LIVE IT! (this week we can say, live IN IT!)

MOST LIFE Combined 2015 2020 Vision Boards