Where do you NEED to LET GO?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “F” for Freedom

My closets are brimming over with old pillows, photographs, special trinkets from trips and all sorts of “meaningful” stuff. My shelves are full of my book “friends”. We have no more room to collect stuff and keep our things. “Wait, what if I need that someday?” I hear my fear creep in, I get sweaty with anxiety and I don’t know what I would do if I was right. Some far off day I may be asked to pull out that best seller from 2003 and delight someone with my savvy saving.

I was taught to “save for a rainy day” and “Hold on to things, you never know when you could use that!”
We have heard this before and over again we were reminded to hold on!
Many of us were raised with a sense that you need to protect and hold
things in order to be safe. We were told that loyalty, keeping something and staying the course were all values to be “held” in high esteem. It was ingrained in us to NOT LET GO! For fear of….

Well, guess what, letting go is a fantastic thing to do! There are a few different types of letting go to explore:

  1. Letting go of objects that are no longer “useful”
  2. Letting go of thoughts and feelings that disempower you
  3. Letting go of convictions that pull you in a negative direction AND, last but not least
  4. Letting go of relationships that pull you down

There are so many rich avenues to explore in this topic, it is exciting and scary all at once! I recently let go of a big, successful career. Many people thought i was, well, in a word, crazy! And that’s why we don’t let go!

We fear criticism, we lack confidence in the decision, we hang on to what we know!

Letting go of everything just to say we can let go isn’t the point here.

Let go in a fully committed effort to release what is holding you back from your full expression. Let’s build your fully realized self!

Empower versus Dis-empower

  1. LET GO of objects that are no longer “useful”

I call this “sweeping”. In a larger sense we sweep out objects that are no longer useful. From a deep level we hang on to objects, in particular clothes that are no longer relevant. We haven’t worn something in 3 years and there it is clogging up our closet! YES! Clogging it up. I know few people who have extra space in their closets! It is therapeutic to sweep old clothes out every few months. Old clothes, old shoes, old purses, maybe a new piece of clothing that you never wore, because when you got home it just didn’t look that good and it wasn’t worth it to take it back. Have one of those? Have a few? How about old pajamas? coats? socks? underwear (this you can throw out). How about stuff in the garage? Oh boy!

All of these items can easily be donated or given to someone who would find need. We know the local organizations, and if not, call a local church. There are people who can turn your discards to their saving treasures!

I have a habit that when I purchase a new item, I have to get rid of at least the equal amount. I have bought a new shirt and released up to 10 from the past!

There is a deep releasing we go through when we turn possessions over to “someone else”. We are sending two great waves of thought to the universe to respond to:

  1. I have an opening to receive more
  2. I release my attachments that no longer serve me

These are powerful transmissions and very freeing! You may want to repeat this to yourself as you are “sweeping” your closet or house or garage. Try it!

  1. LET GO of thoughts and feelings that disempower you

We have thoughts and feelings that are habits for us. These are reactions to events or circumstances that feel familiar. Thoughts lead to feelings and this can take us in the direction we WANT to go, or can lead us down a negative path. This is your choice, yes, your thought habits are your choice!

As I have said in other sections, there are 2 great replacement habits to ingrain in your thought habits:

  1. Everything ALWAYS works out for me
  2. Gratitude every morning, every evening, at least!

Your thoughts are up to you and if you can’t summon up the motivation to change thought patterns that take you down, practice the good thoughts and create emotion around them! Your mind is going to be thinking something and this is what will create your LIFE! Better put in good thoughts so you can have a good LIFE! MOST LIFE!

  1. LET GO of convictions that pull you in a negative direction

Here we have some thought patterns that become US! The convictions we have define us and may have us in a nice little box of our own making. We may have convictions about how the world works, politics, rich people, gay people, car salespeople. Am I hitting any conviction buttons here? We all have convictions, it is part of us making sense of a world with pieces and parts that we can’t control. The ego attempts to make sense of things in a way that separates us and causes us to “feel better” from an ego perspective only!

When we allow our ego to ingrain convictions we hold ourselves in habits that need massive energy to break. That is why often we hear of someone going through a difficult period and THEN having a transformation. The recovery movement calls this “hitting bottom”. Often it is the only place we can summon the energy needed to break through a deep conviction!

I have a conviction that I needed meat to get protein. It was how I was raised, educated, all the advertising tells me so, “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.” It is hard not to have an ingrained conviction. But, after breast cancer and a few other health issues, I decided I needed to learn about food. I broke through my conviction through the power of not wanting to be “sick” and intellectual power. I became certified in plant-based nutrition and learned all about the protein myths and how our bodies work at a cellular level. I am still bombarded with messages about meat and most of the people in the US are meat eaters and my new thoughts are not as widely held as my old convictions. So, I practice and create emotions around the conviction I want to have!

  1. LET GO of relationships that pull you down

This one is full of complexity to be sure. We know a relationship needs to change, we have to move on or at least remove ourselves from the contact or dynamic to stop the pain, or distress.

We know these things, but we care, we care for our family members, we care for our lovers and friends. We don’t want to hurt them or us. We don’t want to be the one who calls the final word, we are scared of leaving those who hurt us or who no longer relate to us in ways that work for us.

If you are reading this, you have taken up the journey to elevate yourself and chances are, friends will see a difference and this may cause conflict. This may hurt you and I have seen many people surprised by reactions of friends and family after a promotion, new relationship, etc. The negative reaction of someone close to you after you have succeeded is a red flag. This is difficult terrain.

You have to let go of these folks if you are to keep moving forward. They may come around with time, so you may want pull out a bit of patience, but be mindful of your best journey and be confident that your MOST LIFE journey should be a joyous one. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support your highest joy and life attainment.

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