3 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Vacation

VACATION…You know you need one.

No, I’m not talking about a candy bar, I’m talking “time off”, those moments when you close the email, shut down the line. I am talking… you time, family time, reconnect time. I mean, longer than a long weekend, which is just enough time to decompress but not enough time to stay there and really bask in the glow of slow or no or me or you…

You’ve been thinking about it. Is there a big enough reason? Why in the wide world do we take time off? I don’t need reasons, but some of us do.

One of the most perplexing things I found as an executive were those over-working, don’t have time for a vacation types. I held my team as accountable to taking a vacation as I did their weekly reports. When Monday rolled around and I wanted someone to be gone on vacation. I wanted each and everyone to take their allotment of vacation, this year, as it is given. A great perk of working in a job that grants you vacation– time off and you still get paid! What!! That’s awesome.

I love getting the bounce back emails…”don’t bother. I am out of touch and won’t be addressing your concern until….way into next week!”

My main hero this week is my son, who owns a restaurant. He runs it 24/7, even while sleeping he is creating lists of things to do tomorrow, or better or both. He is married, has a new house and life is on the upswing. But, he works 24/7.  Ok, maybe 24/6.5. He and his lovely wife are on an Alaskan Cruise this week. Now, for those office pros, I know how difficult it is to shut down.

But, when you are the owner, operator and all around jack of all jacks .to a restaurant, you pretty much KNOW you have to be there or if not the pressing stress and gremlin mind chattering is so loud, you can’t enjoy the time off. Well, he did a very European thing, he closed his restaurant for the week. CLOSED! He won’t get bothered by employees who don’t know how to solve a problem, or a customer complaint so big it needs to get to the boss. Nope, CLOSED! Good for you, man! I can’t wait to see you when you return!

Now, if you are reading this and saying, cool…

I am on vacation next week– please go to my Facebook page and tell me how awesome you are for taking A vacation! I love you! 

If you have guilt on your face because you are one of those.. “What will they do without me types….listen in”

3 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation.

1.You need a different perspective

Feel bigger, think bigger, look longer down your life path…think of possibilities….play brings out all the great ideas and you can really see things from different sides, angles, viewpoints and maybe you can ask someone for their opinion. Those ideas of changing things at work, or changing work. You can have much better conversations with you or your partner when life isn’t barreling down at you at 100 miles per hour. When we take the foot off the accelerator conversations, perspectives, ideas and our own mind can stretch out a bit and think from a different perspective. Change it up, slow it down and gain perspective.

2. You family called, they are looking for you

Grab a loved one and breathe! It is now the stuff of legend. When we look back, we will not regret time with family, loved ones or pursuing a dream. We will regret worry, regret working too hard, regret ignoring the little things in life. So, take time now to create a memory with folks you cherish, you have my permission to plan, ask for time off and leave the office. Go ahead, you can do it!

3.Your soul called, it is still there when you are

answer the call. No matter who you vacation with, take time for you with you. Take time in the morning to hear your heart whisper to you. Or, while waiting for lunch to remember a special time in life. Smile on the inside and stretch your breath a bit. Open up to you. When we slow down we can open up a bit more to ourselves!

So, kindly love yourself, love your loves in life and take time to get away from your daily routine and work. Spread your wings, do something amazing, talk to strangers waiting in line at the bathroom, at the concession stand, at the airport, on the street. Open up to life and vacation!

Enjoy! Check out my Facebook Group Bring Your Soul to Work for the love of careers and life. I am there each day and every week with training,  just for you.