Are Women Too Emotional in the Workplace? The Myth and the Truth


Are women too emotional in the workplace?

Have you ever been accused of being “too emotional?” I have.

Look, it’s obvious: women are wired differently than men and are wired to crave connection.

This is why a little girl will give her toy to someone on the playground if she thinks it will cause them to be her friend — even if she’s heartbroken over the loss of the toy.

In the workplace, a woman will typically sacrifice pay, prestige, influence, and title for connection with others.

Which is why we underperform.

So why would anyone accuse women of being too emotional in the workplace — or anywhere?  Why is that even a myth on this planet?

Because women wait, hold back, and sacrifice our desires so we don’t upset anyone. We place the desire for connection above everything else we want.

We’ve held things in for years and when we’ve held back the truth so as not to rock the boat…

And put others first over and over again — when the burden of staying small becomes too great — we EXPLODE.

As a result, it seems to anyone watching that we’re out of control.

But it’s not true and it’s not your fault.

In this video, I’m sharing how you can use the awareness of how you’re wired to get what you want.

To be an influencer as a woman at work, you need to understand your wiring and transcend it.

Learn to speak up, put yourself first, and ask for what you want.

This is what we spend time doing in my 12-week Kickass Career Workshop. Is it comfortable or easy to transcend your wiring? No.

But every woman who has claimed her power in my program has gone on to see MASSIVE results in her career.

I urge you to take advantage of the golden opportunity to become a member of an exclusive group of women who are strategically using their wiring to transcend limitations. Come join us — Book your Complimentary Career Clarity Call now.

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