How FOMO May Be Damaging Your Life.

I was recently asked to talk about the global phenomenon of FOMO. Thank you, Brenda for your question!

Haven’t heard of FOMO?

Well… you are really missing out!

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is a short, cute way of excusing one’s behavior or otherwise unacceptable attitude….because, well…one if FEARFUL of missing something important.

As a young girl I wanted to get home to see if there was a letter in the mail, the older I got mail and newspapers held a promise of an unexpected surprise, a possibility, a lucky blessing.

Well, this FOMO is taken to a new level with social media and the 24-hour news cycle! It has created a crazed frenzy of us wanting to know details, breakdowns, and analysis. This need we have to be super informed, not miss out and know the exact insights of every event have caused a new level of stress. Stress, our body’s response to it, ages us, causes undue physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. Driven behavior of any kind is backed by the energy of FEAR. The F in FOMO tells us that this phenomenon needs to be avoided.

All activity based on the energy of FEAR, creates stress and the resultant effects of the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol.

Life choices and our reactions have two paths, one is FEAR, the other is LOVE. Let’s compare the difference between doing something because we love it versus because we fear it or the lack of it. Don’t forget to read my post on how to conquer fear!

Here’s how we can shift our perspective from FOMO to LOVE:


  1. Time is precious and as much as possible needs to be spent with ones you love, activities that fuel you and ones that move you to achieving your goals in life.
  1. When you want to dive into your smart-phone, turn on the TV, or dive into a conversation about events or activities that don’t really interest you, check in with your heart and ask: “Is this something I really care about? Does it feel good to me to seek this out?”
  1. Get in touch with your feeling inside, where you body is sending you a message. Learn to  make decisions from a place of love and inner feelings of alignment.
  1.  Practice making decisions about spending your time based on it fueling you, not taxing you or taking from you. This is the rule of life, your body is a sensitive receiving station. I know you have felt the energy of something wonderful. Compare that to the sinking feeling you have when you are doing something that you dread. GO to activities, people, places and things that fuel you and feel great.

These tips will ease your FOMO and will allow you to make decisions about spending your time based on LOVE and not FEAR!

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