The “Job” Myth….Finally Busted!

“Job” myths…..finally busted!

“You must work hard, be unhappy (isn’t everyone)… a job, miserable?”

“You must work more the more you get paid…..”

“You must be a political, arrogant, self- seeking person to get ahead….”

“You must be vicious to others to be successful…..”


“You must leave the corporate world to be happy.”

What a bunch of junk!!

There are so many myths about work and jobs that it has created real conflict in many of us!

I also see many folks pursuing their “work for myself” dream and it just doesn’t get going because of multiple issues.

Here are the JOB MYTHS BUSTED:

Work can be fun and enjoyable and aligned with your inner self!

I had it, and I see it everyday with my clients.

You too can be a member of the “I LOVE MONDAY!” Club.

So, how exactly can you turn a stale or stuck career into WOW?

Go ahead, break the Job Myth and be happy and enjoy your JOB!

  1. Your soul desires to shine and be seen. So, show it. You have to first know it, to show it. So, go deep and look at who you are under the labels, under the name, under the resume. Find your soul and bring it to work.
  2. Think bigger than your current life and career. Filling bigger roles, expanding who you can be and what you can do excites one! It elevates the imagination and that is exactly what needs to be stimulated to open yourself up to new opportunities and bust all the myths!
  3. Take a breath and realize that a 20% pay increase does not require a 20% increase in work. You ability to keep expectations and boundaries healthy and honor the work and yourself can be the difference in being respected and really going for it.
  4. Look around….are the only people you know who are successful political animals or arrogant? Look further. Find mentors and guides who you can learn from, who share the values you have and who can show you the way in a way that syncs up with you.
  5. Careers take off when you are authentic, connected and engaged with others. Sure, there are people who have been successful who take action and hurt others- -not for you. Be authentic, be aligned and be your full self, soul forward. Success for me came when I showed myself as the core of myself as a teacher and coach. Show up strong so others can show up strong.

Here are your five tips to really busting the Job success myths.

Bust them with showing up strong and being a valuable part of your workplace!

Show up with your soul, show up ready to LOVE Mondays!

Send me a comment and let me know how you are busting job myths and what your challenges are!

Ready to move into Monday LOVE?

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