Path to Success: FIGHT OR FLOW?

Each week I see the effort of so many to work hard, push through and literally fight their way through. FIGHT. We were taught to tough it out, work hard…FIGHT for it all.

There are winners and losers…BE A WINNER.
FIGHT. Work. Life. FIGHT. Family Obligations. FIGHT. Been there.

Each week I see people breakthrough this habit and move with grace and ease.


The new way to win is with your soul pouring out with YOU- true power.


The new way to success is to BRING YOUR SOUL TO WORK.


Each week I hear and see stories of finding FLOW.

When we are our true selves we have so much POWER.

When we are our true selves we have so much FLOW.

Going for promotions, winning prizes, bonuses unexpectedly come and smokers quit more easily.

Did anyone tell you about the easy in life?

Did anyone tell you that when you are really you, life is easy?

Did anyone tell you when you leave scarcity behind, life is easy?

Did anyone tell you when you focus on appreciation, life is easy?

Did anyone tell you that when you focus on your awesomeness, that life is easy?

NO… we are taught that life is hard.

We are taught to shut our brilliance down, someone may feel bad if we are too smart.

We are taught there is a limited amount (of money, food, stuff)… got to get yours!

We are taught that money “doesn’t grow on trees” and money is “the root of all evil”.

We are taught to pray and if we are good enough…maybe we will be blessed.

We are taught if we are blessed it really isn’t us…blessed seems random how will we know if we are worthy?? We worry maybe we aren’t. We then focus on not getting, not having, and “why do they get it?”

We are taught that when we focus on our awesomeness we invite the devil, stop shining!

We are taught to FIGHT for it all.  Because, love and bless them…most of the messages came from the fear that we aren’t worth it. So we fight.

This has created winners and losers. When we live in the world of winners and losers…we have to FIGHT not to lose.




Here’s what I know……


By showing up full of soul, showing up fully, knowing there is always enough to go around, that we are all blessed and all we need to do is stay connected to our inner being.

Soul = FLOW.

When you Bring Your Soul to Work, we know.

We are awesome beings meant to shine.

We are full of abundance.

We are all winners.

When we shine brightly we open the energy for all to shine.

This week, learn how to get in your flow so you can STOP:

STRIVING without your soul.

FIGHTING for your piece.

PUSHING against the stories of lack.

RESISTING your beauty and talents.

DOING so much that is covering your wonderful BEING!

Being in the FLOW is the best path to success.

Being in the FLOW is how you know you are living your destiny.


Super excited this week that a glorious soul and Kick Ass client won a prestigious science, teach award! Congratulations Dr. Ruta.  You can read her story here.