It’s Happening: Programming Your Thoughts for Success

YOUR Thoughts Are Not Who You Are…

Every day you think thoughts, and science tells us over 70% of these thoughts are the same ones day in and day out. These repetitive thoughts create a belief system that controls our decisions.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the science of success.

When we think and feel in repetitive ways it becomes our “reality.” Eventually it feels like our thoughts are who we are.

We are wiring our brain every minute with the wiring and “firing” of neurons, especially when emotions are high. This “programming” makes it feel permanent and convinces us that we are how we think and the world is how we feel.

If you think your boss will disagree with you each time you meet, you create a belief and then take actions in alignment with that belief. You also have feelings consistent with that belief. WIRING & FIRING those neurons create our reality.

This creates our pattern and soon we think, “this is who I am”  and “this is who she is”.

We get stuck! Learn how to use NLP for your success, rather than being a victim to bad habits.

Watch (or listen if driving) my interview with Master NLP Practitioner,

This expert is a graduate of my online Kick Ass Career coaching course and a super human being, Milijana de Mori. I spoke about her a few weeks ago…you are going to love her! AND you are going to learn from her!

She overcame her eating disorder using these techniques and then became certified in the science of success, NLP.

Listen in– learn how to use this science to help your career and life

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