Take REAL Control Over Your Destiny

I find that many of the folks I talk with on clarity calls and in my coaching are so caught up in their story that seeing a different life seems impossible.

Funny…many of us will play the lottery with odds over a million to one and not take REAL control over our destiny. When you are ready to change and ready to see the world in a new way and to see YOU in a new way…you are ready.

It is only when you are truly ready to control your destiny that you can imagine…

1. Your life being better,

2. You being able to control your destiny,

3. What it feels like to decide to create your life for yourself….even if you have a spouse and kids to look after….you are the only one you can change.

Ready to be ready involves commitment to your own journey.

Recently one of my clients landed her dream job. She was finally ready to imagine the perfect job and KNOW she could secure it. She held firm on what was a right fit (after doing the inner work with me) and applied for very specific jobs.

One opportunity was so aligned with her that she knew in her heart, head and body it was hers.

She interviewed well because she was ready to show up stronger, she went through the process confident, she was ready to be that leader.

When the offer came it was less than her intentions, her requested amount was a bit more…she held to her worth. The company was friendly, motivated and she stood confidently in her worth. Not only did the money get matched, the title went up to the title she dreamt of.

She began her job in a place of confidence and ready to be the leader she knows she can be. Beaten down by an impossible workload in her last job, she is READY to be different and have the life she imagined only months ago was a fantasy. She is a happier mom, a happier wife and is ready to rock her bad ass career!

Get ready to be more and imagine it possible!

Your Kick Ass Career Coach

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