The Questions You Need To Ask Your Boss Now To Advance Your Career

It is the end of the year and before you dig in and throw an “oh well!” about your career

and with your arms up….as in, this year nothing happened…..take time to control your destiny.

Just a little conversation with the right person can begin a wonderful trajectory, NOW!

Last year a woman with the initials, D.B. had a conversation with her boss.

“I have really enjoyed growing this department to this size and know I can do more.”

Nodding from across the table….

“I want to advance and have more opportunity. The past 19 years here I have contributed to the start and development of many initiatives. I want the opportunity to grow.”

More nodding from across the table, “there are no plans for your department to grow and we are happy for the role you have had here”.

D.B. walked away from that meeting, which she initiated, wanting more and finally feeling worthy of asking.

She was slightly defeated, felt offended….and decided to take her career in her own hands.

No more waiting for others, hoping “they” will notice. No more avoiding the responsibility.

She knew , “if it was to be…it is up to me!”

D.B. booked a clarity call and wow was she ready to shoot out of the career cocoon and blast off!

After aligning with her highest self, knowing her core values, natural gifts and talents and how her life purpose fit into her new career aspirations she was able to:

  • Interview with power about her accomplishments
  • Describe in depth her leadership style
  • Maintain composure through tough questions as she knew her inner confidence and,
  • Get excited about more and new, opportunities, larger companies and jobs she had never thought she was ready for, but…oh she was!

She landed her dream job,  loves Mondays (she is part of a great group of women who have transformed themselves into “I LOVE MONDAYS!”) and, she is living her purpose and for her, this year was geared toward really sky-rocketing her division.

So, what are those questions you need to ask your boss?

  1. What role can you see for me this coming year that will allow me to leverage my talents and bring more value to the company?
  2. How can I grow in this organization?

Take the time to have the conversation with your boss. Know that the outcome may not be what you really want….and know you are ready for growth now, asking will propel the energy of your future. Your career in NEXT YEAR deserves to be worthy of you!

When you take charge of your future you begin to be seen as that take charge professional that you really ARE!

TODAY….call you boss and say,

“I would like 15 minutes of your time this week to discuss my future. I am planning my next (new) year and I want to have a productive conversation with you.”

Be firm and friendly. Channel the power of your higher self. Be in charge, be Kick Ass!

Bring Your Soul to Work and be your Kick Ass self!

Blessings on your week,

Coach Mo

P.S.– Did you book your Free Clarity Call yet? Follow through on you! Let’s GO!