Three Ways to Guarantee Career Love

Each day I speak to folks who work. Yes, people who put forth effort in the world, mostly for a company (sometimes for themselves) and they are not happy and fulfilled. Meaning escapes them.

Are we supposed to find meaning in our work?

Maybe that is just for nomads, coaches, authors, yogis?

Meaning is the exact goal we all look for in life and YES!
It can be found in our work. When meaning is found in work we feel a high vibrational energy, feels like LOVE.

The feelings like LOVE cause chemicals in our body to soothe and make us feel great. Why, then wouldn’t we want CAREER LOVE?

We work at least 8 hours a day and if we are not feeling love, it is taking our energy and therefore our power and therefore our life away from us.

We must have career love–

Here are three ways to guarantee your own career love and the feeling that go along with it.
  1. Make contributions that match your unique skills.

Ask yourself, “what do I truly love doing? How can I do more of that at work?” Look into your real fun times, what are you doing? If you are an accountant and you love entertaining, ask to be on the employee activities committee or start an employee volunteer day. Make contributions outside your exact work area if necessary. Spread your wings and show your strengths in areas that will contribute to the overall work environment. If these activities get you more visibility, all the more reason to do them.

  1. Focus on and notice what is working well.  

Be the one who notices other’s great work. Focus YOUR attention on the areas of your department or company that are working well. This will give you an overall boost. I ask everyone who works with me to do a daily ritual of gratitude and this is the same reason. When we focus on what is good, what is plentiful, what is flowing, this is the essence of feeling great. This will move us toward positivity and CAREER LOVE!

  1. Speak up earlier rather than later.

I see time and time again that holding in your opinion or what you see that can be better can lead to an explosion days or weeks (or years) down the road. It is best to speak up and share your observations in an effective manner. If your observations involve you, always take responsibility for your part.

The best way to gather your thoughts and be productive is to look at the situation from the other perspective. Which perspective is best? Ask yourself, “if I were the one receiving this message, how would I want to be told of this?”  Think clearly of the other person’s side of it. Study after study show that empathy is key to success. Too much empathy can wear on our feelings and drag us down with feeling bad, or conflicted over emotions. Empathy that is helpful is when we look at situations from another perspective with an observer’s view, not taking on the feelings ourself.

These 3 strategies will keep you moving toward your career love goal each and every week. Make your moves toward this as we focus on LOVE this week.

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