Your Time to Shine? Why Playing Small Hurts so Much


She said, “Yes, I will go for it!” She said YES to shining brighter!

This brilliant, award-winning software engineer was working with me to stand in her power, to leave a toxic workplace, to change her career and life.

What was going on with her became obvious as we worked together.  

Stranded in a place that was too small for her, she was stifled and it hurt every day.

She loved her team, she loved the work.

But, her boss and the culture had robbed her soul.

Playing too small hurts in every way.

  • Your opinion isn’t valued, because you aren’t in the right seat.
  • Your salary is too low because you haven’t grown.
  • Your level of contribution in the company feels off….”why don’t they listen to me”

She started my Kick Ass Workshop a bit weary if anything could fix her career. A talented IT professional, a mom and a recently divorced woman, she was looking for firmer ground in her career. She didn’t want to leave her job, but some days, actually, most days she felt her emotions winning.

“I could quit and look for another job…the break would feel good.”

“Maybe I need to quit and take the time to really look for a job, it’s a full time job looking for a job,” she kept convincing herself and going back and forth. She joined my coaching program before she made a fatal move and crushed her career.

I was happy to meet her in person a few weeks ago and we laughed at the wonderful way things unfolded for her. Once she committed to doing things differently and opening her soul back up and standing in her power….everything changed for the better.

She began interviewing for roles just like what she knew—with companies who were ready to embrace her talents. She showed up strong, practiced in “bragging” about her accomplishments she got offers and was flattered they wanted her.

She was proud at a deep level that she was chosen. 

But…..2 things were missing.

  1. She had decided she wanted to help others and it wasn’t resonating.
  2. Her target compensation number wasn’t coming through.

I see this regularly. Women tend to make lateral moves way too often. The comfort of knowing all the items on the job description feels more safe. The unknown can be a bad place to be, when excellent performance, all the answers and great work product have defined a career.

“What if I don’t know how…..” they often ask me in the coaching sessions.

We all have done something for the very first time and survived.

So….this client, as many others before her….reached up and began to apply for the next level up. She DID IT AFRAID and with the right support and coaching……she went for it.

As soon as she committed in her heart I felt her soul shine more brightly.

She was happy to see herself at a new level and went fully in with the techniques I teach and coach.

The next week….a recruiter called.

That higher level job.

That compensation level she was aiming for was possible.

She couldn’t believe she would actually be helping people. The new opportunity in a healthcare company would be exciting. It was going to be a great place to grow and expand.

She never would have imagined it if she would have done ONLY what she knew.

They moved quickly on her and she landed the JOB!

At her dream salary.

At her dream of helping others.

The Kickass woman turning into a Badass as we met at my annual (clients only) retreat in Miami. She was in her new job, feeling wobbly. It is a new level and a new place for her.

She is continuing to get coached and she showed up on the last coaching call beaming!

She is leading a team of developers, she is in charge and she is owning it!


I love when an eager client comes forward and raises her soul’s vibration and lands her dream job!

I love when we get to avoid a career backslide or worse quitting under emotional strain.

I love watching a woman gain control of her life and claiming her full power.

I love the Kick Ass way she showed up ready for more!


Let’s get your Kick Ass going.

Isn’t it time for you to “Bring Your Soul to Work” and land your dream job?

Yes you can!

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Another Kick Ass grad posted this in our Facebook group….as she is off to play big in her new promotion…. “Thanks Mo ….What a journey it has been! So happy to have made this investment in myself and meet such wonderful women along the way. Mo, you have an amazing course and talented staff. I am honored to be one of your grads now! Take care and of course this is not goodbye to you either!” A.M/ Director, Healthcare.

It starts with a FREE Career Clarity Call.